Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rant: Stop Saying We Can't!!

I suppose I should start this rant by saying that I know that people mean well, and they think they are either being funny, or helpful, or both.  But really, they're just being annoying and unsupportive, really.

About what you ask?  The boat.  And the fact that we'll be living on it with our babies.  And about parenting in general.

I am so sick of hearing about how much stuff we're going to need/have because of the babies.  People I normally love are beginning to really get on my nerves because of their comments about how "it only gets worse" and "this is just the beginning!".  Well, you know what?  We have about 25% of the "stuff" you have normally and we're pretty darned happy.  And also?  Your baby did not need that $300 swing thingy that has an enormous footprint.

No they didn't.

YOU may have enjoyed the way it made your baby quiet and it was probably convenient.  But it wasn't needed.  We'll probably be just fine with our hammock and the natural rocking of the boat.  And you know what?  If we're not, we'll figure out another way.  Because we're good like that.

Also, I know that having twins means our free time will be severely limited, especially at first.  I know this.  You don't have to point it out every time we talk, or every time I mention something on Facebook.  I don't need you to tell me I won't have time to brush my hair or shower because you know what?  I'll make time.  I'm not doing this alone.  My husband is extremely helpful and more than willing to wake up 10 minutes early so that I can bathe before he goes to work.  I'm sorry you didn't have the help that I will have, but stop telling me that I will essentially become a dirty hobo because I won't be able to shower.

Will I be able to take a long, 30 minute luxurious bath?  No.  But we don't have a bath tub anyway, so...I wasn't doing that before.  I probably won't even get to blow dry my hair.  And that's totally cool.  But bathing?  Yes.  I'll do that, and do it often.  So stop telling me I can't.

And while you're at it, stop telling me what an inconvenience having children was.  I'm sorry you feel that way.  I don't appreciate your snide, sarcastic comments about my children who are not even born yet.  You suck.

And to my favorite comment, from someone I know meant no harm, but who really did some harm...we are NOT "too proud" to admit when something isn't working.  We've said all along that if living on a boat ever becomes something that we no longer love, or it's no longer working, we'd move.  BUT IT IS WORKING, AND WORKING WELL.  And there's absolutely ZERO reason why it shouldn't work with two small children.  ZERO.  You are essentially WAITING FOR US TO FAIL and telling us it's okay...and that we shouldn't be too proud to move back onto land when it happens.

That makes me so angry.  So, so angry...

A small home does not make an inappropriate home.  Nor does it make an unlivable home.  We hope it will make a cozy, loving home that's filled with a greater understanding of living with less and of how to get along with the people you love.  But, you know...we'll fail at that, so...I guess we'll just move now before they get here and tell you how right you were.


I know this all sounds a little hormonal.  But truthfully, I've held my tongue for 8 months and I'm getting really, really sick of the negativity.  Thank GOD most of the people in our lives are understanding and open minded.  And thank God for our boat friends, who understand.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go lower my blood pressure.

The Nursery: Part 3

We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel-with both the nursery and this pregnancy!  Both will be done within two weeks, if not sooner. :)

Last weekend we bought the foam for the crib.  It's a super firm foam which will support the boys very well.  We found a local old-school re-upholstery shop in town which cuts full slabs of foam to any size you want, which is rare.  When we walked in it was like we entered a time warp.  It was great fun to watch this little old man hobbling around the super cramped shop, pulling huge slabs of foam out of the woodwork.  Upon leaving, we both agreed that it's exactly the kind of place we love to support and that we'd be back for sure when it's time to replace the cushions on our own bed.

The foam guy in his cramped little shop, cutting a large piece of foam to our specs.
B1's been working so hard every weekend and after work to put the finishing touches on the construction.  It's turning out to be a little more tedious of a job than we initially thought, mainly because of time, but also because of the shape of the back cabin.  Nothing is square and because we have to think about 20 little fingers getting stuck in crevasses, B1 is being extra careful that everything fits exactly the way it should.  It's been hard for me to sit (literally) and watch him do all of the work.  But I keep reminding myself that I'm actually growing two babies, and that's hard work in itself.  I guess this is a good example of teamwork, right?

Last night B1 was able to cut the foam and install it into the crib.  First he used the insulation as a template to mark where he should cut:

And then, using an electric turkey knife which was bought specifically for this purpose, he made the cuts:

Like butta.

Incidentally, as a chef, I feel the need to tell you that this is the only time an electric knife should ever be used.  :)

Once everything was cut, he put the mattress in the crib and made the bed:

We're starting to try to figure out exactly where we want to put everything.  Placement is very important because its such a small space.  We're being very selective about how we decorate, too, as not to overwhelm the boys with a million different colors and patterns.  The wall below will be painted or covered in a neutral color, probably cream to match the fiberglass walls.  The cushion below was bought at IKEA in the as-is section and will be recovered to match the cover we're making for the seat cushion (which is made out of the same foam as the mattress).

The main colors will be green, white and blue, with pops of other colors that can be found in the jungle.  I can't wait until construction is done so we can get it completely decorated and ready for Jack and Bobby!

Thanks for following along with our progress!