Friday, November 07, 2014

Playlist: Labor & Delivery

What a whirlwind of a month it's been so far!  We started our "Prepared Childbirth" classes (what a joke-who's every prepared to push one baby out, let alone TWO!?!?), met the team of midwives at the hospital and toured the L&D floor.  I was also set to take my first breastfeeding class, but this week wiped me out completely, so I rescheduled.  Nonetheless, stuff is happening, and we're at 89 days, if I go full term.  Which, by the way, is not very likely (but we're praying!). 

After touring the hospital (and hearing and seeing newborns!) I've started thinking more seriously about what I'll put in my hospital bag.  (I'm going to start packing it very soon, just in case...)  One of the things that I know I want with us while we are killing time is music.  Mostly relaxing music, but probably also some upbeat songs that can energize us when we need it.  I just did a search for "Labor and delivery music" and see a few good ideas, but I thought maybe YOU had a couple of suggestions too.

I know most of you don't click over to comment often, and that's OK.  But if you DO have any favorites you think might be uplifting, relaxing or energizing, please consider leaving me a comment.  Even if it's anonymously.  :)

B1 and I thank you in advance.