Monday, October 20, 2014

The Truth About Pregnancy

Ask most women about how they liked being pregnant, and they'll tell you (if not exclaim) how much they LOVED being pregnant. And they'll tell you how magical it is, and how wonderful you'll look and feel, and how they'd be pregnant forever if they could be.

Now ask me.  And I'll tell you how it really is.

Pregnancy is magical.  It's wonderful and amazing and I feel so blessed to be going through this horrible journey.  Yes, I said horrible.  That's because, my friends, so far I've had a really, really rough pregnancy.  All of the "you might feel (insert horrible side effect of pregnancy) this week" side effects you read about, I got.  Yet none of the "this week you'll start to feel better" things have really been true for me.  And, at almost 23 weeks, I am still experiencing the joys of morning sickness.  Which, by the way, isn't just restricted to the mornings.

For instance, last night at dinner I had to leave the table to go be sick.  And this morning, even though there was nothing in my stomach, I was sick again.

And then there's the wonderful side effect of not being able to poop.  Or, pooping too much.  Very rare is the Goldilocks of poop anymore (juuuuust right).  And don't get me started on having to pee all the time...

And also, I'm still in the "aversions" stage.  Most of my food no longer "hits the spot".  Which is mostly OK because I can't really eat much anyway.  (Think 1/2 of a hamburger or baked potato.)   When people ask me if I'd had any strange cravings yet, I think my shoulders sink a little.  Because, boy, would I love to have some cravings.

I do look pretty cute though.  My bump is definitely showing now and my skin and hair looks great.  And the boys have started kicking much more in the past week or so and B1 can actually feel it now too.  And that's pretty amazing.

And since we're talking about B1, I have to mention yet again how lucky I am to have him.  I really REALLY hit the jackpot with him.  He's simply the best person I know.  And it get awesomer and awesomer every day we go through this magically horrible journey together.

This morning, for instance, after being sick I went out into the main cabin for some water.  Cold, wet and shaking, I sat down on the bed and B1 came right over to rub my back.  Even though I was dripping water all over the bed, and even though he'd just heard me hurling first thing in the morning (no one likes that-and remember-we're in very close quarters).  And even though he still had some more time to sleep before getting up for work (and-even though he's not been sleeping well because I'VE not been sleeping well).

And when I got to work, I received an email from my love, which brightened my day:

Our fraternal elephants, Frank and Krackle.  (Who I owned long before getting pregnant, BTW.)
So.  My summary of pregnancy so far is that yes, it is magical.  But it is also horrible.  And I am very blessed to be able to be experiencing it and to be doing it with my B1.

23 weeks pregnant with twins