Friday, September 12, 2014

Plus Size Maternity Clothing really difficult to find.

In general, I think that plus sized women have a harder time finding classy, affordable clothing than "normal" sized girls.  In my area, there are only two plus size fashion stores.  One has slightly trashy styles and isn't of good quality and the other is very expensive.  99% of the time I end up buying clothing online.  Which becomes frustrating and expensive because of how often I have to return the item due to it not fitting correctly.

Now imagine how hard it is to find clothing for a plus sized women when her belly is growing every day.  Yup, it's hard.  NO ONE sells plus size maternity clothing in the stores.  No least not in my state.  Literally every piece of maternity clothing I own now was purchased online from one of two stores (different than the ones mentioned above).  One of them is a well-known department store with good prices, but their sizing is completely off.  I bought a skirt the other day online which fit, but was a little snug in my belly (even with the built in belly band).  Being proactive, I returned it and order the next larger size...which was SMALLER than the smaller size.  Needless to say, I am frustrated at the additional $18 I paid to send both skirts back.  So much for good prices.  The other store is a well known maternity store with good quality clothing and good sizing, but their prices are ridiculously high.  I hear they have good sales, but truthfully, I haven't seen them yet...

So, I've become an obsessed pregnant woman in search of very specific items to complete my fall/winter wardrobe.  It's very difficult to plan, though, because I don't know exactly how big I'm going to get.  I'm guessing pretty huge (B1 agrees-he actually searched for pictures of twin pregnancy to see how big women get!), considering there are two and my belly is already ballooning.  In any case, I spend a lot of time on Google searching for plus size maternity dress pants.  Or jeans.  Or dresses.  Or most recently, winter coats (came up with a great option, but soon realized they don't deliver to the US!)...most of the time I end up purchasing larger sizes of regular plus size clothes.  For instance, all of my new sweaters are a size larger than I would normally wear, except for the open cardigans which aren't meant to close anyway.  The winter coat I ended up buying is a swing coat by design, which gives more room anyway, and was purchased 4 sizes larger (yes, 4 sizes-remember there will be TWO babies growing underneath!). 

This is also making for a lot of deliveries to the boat.  It feels like Christmas almost everyday!  As of today, I am waiting for:

  • A fluffy purple robe, because my current monogrammed fluffy robe won't fit this winter, and it's an essential part of me keeping warm at night on the boat.
  • Black dress pants, because, well, work.  And only 1 pair, because I wear dresses 99.9% of my life.
  • A plus size belly band.  Because of round ligament pain and also, they say I'll need it to support my back later on.
  • One pretty teal shirt that I can dress up or down.
  • One navy blue and white striped dress, that I hope is thick enough so I can wear it through the winter, with a sweater and tights.
  • A pretty yellow sweater that I plan on wearing with the navy dress, a black maxi dress or jeans.
I'm also really hoping that I win an Ebay auction for a purple and black dress that I could possibly wear to my baby shower (which hasn't yet been planned, but I'm a planner, as we all know!)

I love shopping, but this is actually quite exhausting.  I imagine that if I had one or two stores that I could walk into and try things on that it would be a lot more fun.  Now, I spend hours scouring the internet looking for secret places and good deals.  And I'm spending a lot of money on shipping.  I suppose it's worth it, though, to have clothes that fit and that make me feel good.

Here's a look at some of the pieces I've either acquired, or hope to in the near future:

Now let's just hope that they'll all grow with me!  February's still a loooong way away!