Tuesday, August 12, 2014

13 Weeks

Tomorrow I'll be 13 weeks pregnant which will officially bring me into my 2nd trimester.  Already.  It's crazy how time has flown by.  And truthfully, even though I have morning sickness and my belly is growing (and I no longer fit into most of my clothes) it's still so unbelievable.

From 7-9 weeks I was taking pictures of my belly.  But because it was so early, there really wasn't a change.  At week 9 there was a little change, but even still, it was little.  However, over the last couple of weeks my belly has really popped and can visibly be seen by anyone who knows me.

I say that because I'm a plus size girl, and so my belly is never completely flat.  And to outsiders, I probably just look fatter than normal.  Which kinds of stinks, but you know what?  I don't care.  My babies are in there and that's the reason I'm growing.  And I'm so happy that it's begun.  Here is my week 13 picture:

It's amazing what pregnancy has done for my body image already.  Last week when we were taking our announcement photos, I noticed myself subconsciously trying to suck in my belly when the photos were about to be shot.  When I realized this, I remembered that my belly, for one thing, can't be sucked in anymore, but also that it is growing because of babies.  And it's now acceptable in societies eyes for me to have a belly. And I felt better about it then.

Which is sad.  Why aren't I-and thousands of other beautiful plus sized women-allowed to feel beautiful when we are without child?  And more importantly, why do I allow society to dictate how I feel about myself?  I really hope that I can remember this wisdom in a year.

Monday, August 11, 2014

This Is Pregnancy

Some days I can set up an entire campsite all by myself. I even chopped some wood and built the fire:

Other days my feet look like this-which is very swollen for me:

Let the swelling fun begin, I guess!  (Even my hands are swollen today.) :(  I'm just on the cusp of my 2nd trimester (Wednesday.)


My updated Facebook header.  It was originally just the picture on the left from our wedding day, but I thought it would be cute to update it with the similar picture from our announcement.  Love it.

It's official, I'm pregnant with twins.  We've known this all along, of course, but now it's really official because last night we posted it on Facebook.  And what a relief it is, I'll tell you.  That's a HARD secret to keep!  And of course we're so excited at the response.  Everyone is so excited for us and it is so wonderful to be able to share this with everyone we know. 

The majority of the people who know are very surprised-they didn't think that we'd ever have children.  In fact, so much so, that they never even really asked us if we were having children because they already knew we weren't.  Which actually was quite nice, considering the process we went through.  Having constant questions would no doubt have made the infertility journey more stressful.  I'm so happy we kept it a secret until it was a success. 

Now I can being the process of building a registry.  We'll probably end up having two showers and they'll probably be earlier than normal pregnancies because I'm due in February.  Normally December would be the perfect time for a shower, pregnancy-wise, but because of the holidays and the snow, earlier is better.  So I'll create some registries and B1 and I can have some fun with the scanning gun!!  I can't wait.  It's so fun to plan stuff.  Although...we won't know what the sexes are until October...so we should really wait until then.  Boo!