Wednesday, August 06, 2014

12 Weeks; The Announcement

This weekend B1 and I will be telling our family and closest friends about our exciting news in person and via telephone.  Once they are all in the know, we'll be sending (via Paperless Post) and posting (via Facebook) the following so that the rest of our family and friends will have the news:

We're so excited that we can finally tell everyone!  It's getting harder and harder to keep our secret, especially because I'm starting to show.  Yes, it mostly looks like I"m just getting fatter, but my belly is growing nonetheless!  I won't be able to hide it much longer, and thank God we don't have to.

I had my first appointment with my OB on Monday and everything went very well.  I really like the team we're assembled to help us through this journey.  The nurse midwife is extremely down to earth and friendly-and not at all earthy crunchy-and the OB is also very approachable.  She checked everything out and looked at the babies with an ultrasound (sadly no pictures this time).  They actually LOOK like babies now!  It's amazing.  The picture above was taken at around 6 or 7 weeks, so they don't really look like anything but baby beans.  But now?  Wow...babies!  I still can't believe it.

One of the babies was a little wiggle worm-it wouldn't stop moving!  Around and around, scrunching it's little body up and down.  It was quite funny.  Especially because the other baby appeared to be sound asleep with its back to its sibling.  The funniest part about this though is that it's EXACTLY like B1 and I when we sleep.  I move and move and squirm all night and poor B1 is just on his side of the bed sleeping away.  It'll be funny to see if this pattern continues.

Both hearts were beating strong and they appear to be growing well.  Today they are the size of plums.  We find out the gender of the babies on October 2nd, as long as they cooperate!