Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Have you ever seen a (newly-yesterday was my birthday!) 38-year old pregnant (with twins) lady the day she comes back from an 11-day vacation?  It's not pretty.

Today's reentry to work has been ROUGH.  Not only am I exhausted from all of the fun things we did over vacation, but I also haven't had caffeine in months.  Months.  It's pretty brutal.

So last week we sailed to Gloucester for 3 days and then we sailed back to Boston.  While it was mostly fun (I got sick on Monday and pretty much had to stay in bed the whole day), it was also tiring.  We always get sucked into the romanticism of sailing for vacation and I think we forget how tiring it is.  7-9 hours on the open sea, no one around, not much land...it gets very boring.  Even though we love being on the water and love traveling, it just gets old after about 5 hours.  We want to BE THERE already, ya know?  Anyway, we came back after sailing (no nausea for me-yay!) and stayed in a hotel just outside of Boston.  Just to stay in a hotel.  We played some mini golf, ate Japanese food and relaxed.  It was actually really great.  Then this weekend my 12 year old niece and our 11 year old God-daughter came for the weekend.  Which was fun, but MAN-I was ready for some QUIET by the end of the weekend.  Thank God we had yesterday off.  We relaxed and slept in and then got up for a very late breakfast.  Then did nothing until dinner when we got dressed up and ate lots of yummy tapas.

But still, I'm exhausted.  I didn't sleep very well last night and without coffee, I'm functioning at a very low level right now...

I need a vacation!