Monday, March 17, 2014

Full Weekend, Lacking ZZZZZzzzz's

Boy am I sleepy today! B1's birthday week was extended and lasted all the way up until yesterday afternoon. (His actual birthday was Friday.)  Lots of fun times with lots of fun people...but YAWWWN.  I could have happily stayed home today to catch up on some sleep.

Friday I picked B1 up from work and made it to the pool party just in time for it to be over.  (I have mentioned that the marina has a pool party every Friday night during the winter months, right?  Heated outdoor pool, 100+ degrees, lots of friends?)  Disappointing, yes, but still nice to be able to drop in to say hello.  And to also gather the troops for an impromptu dinner party at the pub down the street.  10 of us piled into a corner table and shared lots of laughter, as usual.  One of our friends was extremely intoxicated due to drinking a little too much while in the pool, and it made for some very hysterical interactions.  The day after, he posted this to his FB page:

"OK, that was fun last night.  Wish I was there!"

Hysterical.  He gets very jovial and also very sleepy when he's drunk.  So he was all smiles and closed eyes at the pub.  Around 1am, his wife sent me a text message saying he was still awake, yelling at the top of his lungs that he LOVE OUR MARINA FAMILY!!!  (with fist pumps).  Oh, good times...

Saturday, in addition to running many errands, B1 needed to fix our oven.  It's a propane run contraption with a very sensitive security senor.  It's so sensitive that it actually started to prevent our oven from working properly because it thought it smelled a propane leak.  Which it really didn't.  Sometimes it could be the garbage (the pail is right in front of the senor), cooking spray or even perfume.  In any case, it was very unpredictable and was causing me major stress.  So B1 installed a new switch and all is right with the world.  He was heavily motivated to fix it because I was baking this for his party that evening:

The best chocolate cake ever.  Though delicious, it was very lopsided, as you can see.  You can tell which way the wind was pushing our boat that day!!  (I always forget that our oven is gimbled, and that I can release the lock to make the oven level.  Oh well!)

Later in the evening we met up with about 13 of our friends for drink, dinner and cake to celebrate my loves' birthday.  We hosted at a nice little place on the waterfront down the road from the marina.  It's got the name "sail" in the title, so naturally we love it. :)

A few of our closest marina friends.

The buttercream started melting.  But that's what you get when you use real buttercream.  The cake was delicious and is still getting rave reviews!   

Though it wasn't a very late night on Saturday, we were exhausted.  It's sad to say, but I think we're getting too old for two wild nights out in a row.  We couldn't even sleep in on Sunday because we had more errands and cleaning up to do, and we were meeting more friends (the guys who lost their boat) for brunch because they couldn't make it to dinner on Saturday.  So up we got, dressed up pretty again for brunch with two great people.

So while there's really good reason why I'm tired, and I had a very lovely, full weekend, I'm sleepy.  Which is probably very evident in my rambling post.  Sorry if I missed a few words in a few sentences!