Friday, December 19, 2014

Still Pregnant :)

I hit 31 weeks on Wednesday and have defied the odds so far.  At 28 weeks, when they told me about my cervix, they were convinced I'd go into labor by 30 weeks.  At 30 weeks when my FFN test came back positive, they were convinced I'd have the babies by 31 weeks.  And here I am now at 31w3d and I'm still pregnant.  Our short term goal right now is to make it to 32 weeks, and our long term goal is 34 weeks.  I'd really love it if they were born on 12/30, if they have to be born this year.  That way they'd have their own day, instead of having to share it with a holiday.

But 34 weeks is our goal...not that we have any control of it at all but it makes us (me) feel better having one.

On Wednesday we met with a NICU doctor and toured the floor.  It made us feel so much better.  The doctor pretty much told us that at 31 weeks, he has no major concerns about our babies.  So if they are born now or next week, they'll need a little help breathing and eating, but that their chances of having long term health issues are almost completely gone (due to premature labor-genetics is more of a factor at this point).  If they are born after 32 weeks, that goes down even further, and they'll probably just need a little help breathing, but we'll most likely be able to feed them on our own.  I could even try to get them to latch on so I can breastfeed, which is the ultimate goal.

HUGE relief.  I can stop worrying so much about our boys making an early appearance.  Hopefully that'll help my blood pressure a bit (it's been high for a few weeks now-go figure!).

Another wonderful thing that we learned is that we can absolutely still hold them and cuddle them and do skin to skin with them, even at 31 weeks, hooked up to wires.  I was so sad and worried that we wouldn't be able to hold our babies for over a month.  But in fact, we can!  And they encourage it, actually. 

Also, (yes there's more-it was a very positive visit!) we can have our families visit the babies!  We're limiting the visitors to immediate family one, because it is an ICU floor and we want to be cautious.  And we are asking our families to get both a flu shot and a Tdap shot, if they haven't already gotten one (recommendation by the NICU doctor).

So, to summarize, I'm still pregnant, but if they come early now, we're less scared.  And that's a good thing.

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