Monday, December 01, 2014

Good News, Bad News, Good News

This year B1 and I had some professional pictures taken for this year's Christmas cards.  Mainly because it will be the only time when I'll have a big pregnant belly, and I'm not planning on "maternity photos" like so many people get today.  And all of the photos from our showers weren't Christmas card worthy, in my mind.  And there was a Groupon, so we got them done for $20.  Here are a few from the session.  They are blurry because they are screen shots, but you get the idea.

The Christmas lights on my belly were my idea. :)

This is my favorite of the session, though I must have been making a weird face, because they cropped it out.  Which is sad.  But I do still love this picture.  B1 kisses my belly daily and it's adorable to have it captured in a picture.

There's another picture that's zoomed out so you can see our faces and bodies too, but I like this close up.  We chose "twins" because our other option was "babys" and we didn't want to tell the nice girl that she spelled "babies" incorrectly.  Twins works well though. :)

I'm in love with them.  We have an 8X10, two 5x7's and hysterically, gift tags, with the first picture on them.  And those gift tags are huge.  I can't wait to give people gifts with them. 

And here's another update.  My babies are trying to be born early.  At my last appointment, my cervix was measured at 1.7 when it should be 3.0 or greater.  This means my body is starting to prepare for labor.  I haven't been having any contractions, so that's good, but the 1.7 is concerning.  To help support my cervix, they inserted a pessary, and it's helped with the pressure a little bit.  In addition, I'm showing slight signs of preeclampsia, which is actually more urgent than the cervix issue.  That said, my blood and urine work came back OK over the weekend, so I'm still skirting along in the "safe" zone right now.

I'll be monitored weekly from now on.  Yay for being high risk.

At first I was really freaking out.  I am still very worried and want to keep these babies cooking for as long as possible-but at least for another 2 weeks when I hit 30 weeks.  That's another major milestone for them, and their chances of survival without long-term health issues because greater.  If this had happened 2 weeks prior, the doctors would be telling me that the babies have a less than 50% chance of survival.  So we're in as good a place as we can be right now and we're hoping I continue to carry these twins for a bit longer.

There are a lot of stories out there that have given me hope over the weekend.  Most of what I've read shows that women who had a shortened cervix, once ID'd, have gone on for weeks, if not months and delivered health babies.  Others who couldn't continue to carry at 28 weeks have shared that their babies were born and lived in the NICU for a while (usually 10-12 weeks) and then went on to be healthy after that.  So I'm hopeful, but nervous.

I'll be checked again on Wednesday to see if I've progressed at all....cross your fingers/pray/send good vibes that I haven't.

More good news: Baby Jack weighs about 3.2 pounds and Baby Bobby weights about 2.11 pounds.  These are both a little heavier than average.  So if they are born now, they'll have that going for them.

Also, their heartbeats are both very strong.

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