Friday, March 14, 2014

Fundraising and Neighbors

A few weeks ago, friends of ours had their home disappear under water.  We all felt helpless, and wanted to do anything we could to get them back on their feet.  So we came up with the idea of an open fund where people could donate money to help replace their belongings.  Because I had some experience with this, and personally know someone who's used the site, I volunteered to manage the process.

Within a week we raised over $10K.  Money just poured in from friends, family and even strangers.  It was amazing and I have to say that it has resorted my faith in the kindness of others.  Of course, much of this support is a direct correlation to what wonderful people our friends are.  They're just great, and it shows in the support they've received.

I am so thrilled that I was able to help them raise so much money, to replace their belongings.  Through Facebook, Twitter, even Pinterest and Linked In, we got the word out to thousands of people.  Even the local .com paper mentioned our fund on their site!  My friends asked me to stop promoting the fund because they've received outside help from others (a brunch where they received hundreds of dollars in gift cards and pools of money collected by office workers) so they've actually reached the $20K goal, unofficially.  Officially though, even without promotion, we reached $17K.

My heart is exploding with pride.  And gratitude.  And excitement...because our friends are 99% sure they will be buying a new floating home!  In fact, a little birdy told me that they'll in the process of narrowing down finalists.  And that means that by summer, we'll probably be sitting on their new boat with drinks in hand and happiness in our hearts.

Sometimes boat life is hard.  Things break, the small spaces seem too small, and we can't have "stuff" like we used to.  But all I have to do is remember our friends and I realize that we made the right decision.  And the spaces seem bigger, and the stuff isn't important.  (Stuff still breaks. :)

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