Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paint Night

Do you have any crazy friends? Like, legit crazy? Well, I do, and I struggle with how to I'm going to distance myself with her.  She didn't start out being crazy.  She was always a little...wild, and a little nuts, but in a fun way.  But last year she started obsessing about every little problem she had, and she started drinking more, and one night she sort of just flipped and I knew I couldn't really be friends with her.

That said, I found it difficult to put her off after a year of "I'm sorry's" and "I already have plans that night's".  I can't find it in my heart to just tell her I don't want to be friends with her anymore because I can't bring up the fact that she's crazy.  In fact, many of her friends have told her she has problems, and she's rejected them and spread rumors about them.  I'm not really worried about that part, but I don't really want to be sucked into the drama.  In any case, last week I decided that I couldn't put her off anymore, and tried to think of some way I could minimize the crazy.

Enter paint night.

I thought that in such a large group, with guided instruction and an activity, that her personality would be harnessed a tad bit.  And even though there is alcohol served at paint nights, it's not a traditional bar scene, and I thought she'd drink less and I wouldn't have to worry about her driving drunk and killing someone.

I'm happy to say that I loved paint night and that I'm so proud of my picture:

I'm sad to say that my crazy friend is crazy no matter the scenario.  As always, the conversation was all about her, and "her" is all about drama.  She actually talked about throwing herself down a flight of stairs-on purpose-to avoid being evicted.  Out loud.  She said this out loud.  Needless to say, I think I'm done.

So the lesson here is that I should really just trust my instincts, distance myself from crazy people, and to not give into my feelings of guilt when I do these things.

And also, that I'm a freaking amazing painter. :)


Rob Hamel said...

Crazy is never good. I've had enough experience this past year to attest to that!

Maggie Moo said...

It makes me smile so much to see a comment here from you!!!

I'm sorry that you know what I'm talking about...crazy is never good.