Monday, February 17, 2014


Early yesterday morning, while B1 and I were snuggled safely in our bed, our friends lost everything they own.  Their beautiful boat sank overnight.  I thank God they were on vacation, so they, and their lovely dog, were not home.  At the same time though, I feel that this is why it's a total loss.  Had they been here, they may have been able to stop the leak, which sunk their home. But who knows?  It could have been much, much worse and today I could be mourning the loss of two good friends who we've come to know and love.  And so my heartbroken heart is also grateful.
It's odd, knowing someone who's lost their home.  Especially when you've spent a lot of time there.  These are the friends who host many of the parties I've blogged about, including the latest waffle party a few weeks ago.  And especially when it's a total loss, because it sank.  It. Sank. 
So scary.
Here is one of the first pictures that surfaced the morning after.  If I didn't know better, I would have just thought this was a small sailboat covered for the winter.  But I DO know better, and I know that their lovely home stood tall...taller than the boat picture to the right.  And so I know that every bit of it is under the water in this picture.


This is a picture I took last night when the tide was low and so more of the boat was showing.  There it stood, sadly leaning to one side, all soggy and abandoned.  It was hard for me not to cry, especially when I saw the painting on the door.

There's a lot of cleaning up to do.  We came up to the parking lot yesterday to find a fire truck and several environmental pickups in addition to those big cleanup trucks in the picture below.  They're part of the harbor cleanup team who will make sure that as much of the diesel as possible is sopped up out of the water.  The air smelled of it, and there was a thin layer of it floating a few docks down.

I'm so sad for my boys. They are such wonderful, kind people, who are a huge part of our community.  And while there is no shortage of people who are helping them, and who will continue to help them, it's not an easy thing to go through.  I can't even imagine it.  They're strong and will get trough this, but's tough.

And part of me is feeling selfish, hoping that this doesn't mean they'll be moving away.  We're just really starting to get to know them well, and they've become important to B1 and I.  And I don't really want to continue my life's pattern of losing my favorite friends b/c they move away.  If they do, I'll of course understand, but I'll be even more sad. 

Tonight our community is gathering to help them get everything they can off of the boat.  I can't be there because I have a cold, but it warms my heart knowing that they're not alone, that they'll have so many caring people to help them retrieve all they can of their damaged home.

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