Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy Day #2

It was low tide when I walked the docks this morning.  When I rounded the corner I was greeted by a very thin layer of ice hovering over the rock wall.  This is a fairly normal scene on a cold winters day (6 degrees!), and it always makes me smile for some reason.  It's so delicate it almost looks like spun sugar and I like to pretend that it tastes like cotton candy.  "I love that ice", I said to myself.  And then I remembered it was day 2.  So I snapped a picture:

By remembering to take this picture, I also reminded myself that being happy is often times a choice.  One has to make a conscience decision to actively try to be happy, to make the most of every situation.  Sure there are many times when it just comes naturally and I'm happy to begin with, but having this little reminder everyday to look for something that's made me happy is very helpful.

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ClancyPants said...

I Love This. A Lot.