Tuesday, January 14, 2014

100 Happy Days: Day 6; Book Club

The boat, all ready for my book club buddies to arrive.

About a month ago I was talking with a neighbor about books and thought it would be fun to organize a book club for the winter months, while we're all sheltered away in our little bubbles.  There are many, many gatherings during the winter but all of them revolve around drinking, and so there are lots of people who don't regularly attend.  Like my neighbors with children, for instance.  So my other reason for organizing this club is to get to know more people in my community in a different way.

About 10 people showed interest and 6 people took a shot at reading the book.  3 people (plus me) attended the first club meeting last night on our boat.  It was great fun, and very interesting to hear everyone's take on the same book.  I laughed at myself because while I organized the club and am considered to be it's "leader" I've never actually participated in a book club before, let alone run one!  Regardless, I am considering this first meeting a success, and am looking forward to meeting with everyone again next month to discuss a new book.

The premise of the book we read is reliving your life over and over, making small changes until you get it right.  Fate, destiny...you know, that sort of thing.  We talked about the one thing that we thought happened in our lives that got us to where we are at this very moment in time.  My moment was the time I went out to lunch with my girlfriend and decided to go to happy hour that night...but only if I found a pair of jeans to wear at Kohls.  I did find the jeans, and we did go to the happy hour.  And that night, I met my B1.

No jeans, no happy hour, no B1.  Pretty amazing huh?

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