Friday, September 27, 2013


I go through these weird, multi-year ruts where I don't have any interest in anything.  Or where I am interested in too much and get overwhelmed and then end up doing nothing because I can't choose just one.  And then all of a sudden I wake up and realize that I'm not doing anything and am becoming the most boring person alive.  That's where I was a couple of weeks ago.  Light dawned on marble head, and I signed up for a pottery class.

Which, by the way, is awesome.  It's a wheel throwing class and while I'm not very good at it (but not horrible) it's amazing to be back at the wheel.  I have actually been looking forward to class since the day after class ended.  Which hasn't happened to me in a while and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to get back into it.  (It's been since high school-and I've been wanting to take a class for years.)  And so once a week, I spend a few hours in an art classes making pottery.

...and now I'm starting to think about other things I should be doing.

Like getting healthy again (aka, starting a serious diet), learning to play my beautiful left-handed guitar that I bought myself in July (I'm starting back up again next week), getting out and meeting new people (I signed up for more Meetup events) and returning to the idea of writing a cookbook. 

I'm really digging the last one because I was really excited about it when I first started and then it just dropped off of my radar.  Last night when I was cooking dinner I remembered how excited I was and how great it felt thinking that people would be cooking my food.  And I thought that it's the perfect time of year because Christmas is coming, and perhaps people would like to buy a copy or two for gifts.  (Maybe?)  So I'm revisiting this project with vigor and hope to have something out in time for Black Friday.  That's my goal anyway.

The last time I worked on this project I asked my friends to test my recipes in their own homes without me there.  I felt very removed from the process and found it difficult to really understand where they were struggling or to see if the food came out as it should.  The trouble with writing a cookbook, for me, is that I don't often measure anything.  I just sort of know how much to add or not, and how to adjust the temperature, taste, feel of whatever it is I'm doing, to make the final product delicious.  So writing those things out step by step is difficult and I found that I sometimes left out important things in the directions which causes my friends to fail.  So this time, I am going to ask my friends if I can come over with a recipe and raw ingredients and have them cook FOR me while I'm watching so that I can see their struggles (or hopefully not) and taste the food they make.  I'm hoping that this will not only allow me to reconnect with friends I've not seen in a while, but also help speed my process up a bit and to get more accurate results.

Here's hopin' at least!

And maybe-just maybe-this will really work out this time and I'll be the author of a cookbook by the end of November.  Want to buy a copy???

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pumped (Or Not)

I know that in the past I've mentioned our head in passing but I haven't actually talked about it in depth.  That's because I kind of really hate our toilet.  It's one of these suckers:

A manual (hand pump) toilet which isn't connected to a water source and whose suction isn't all that great.  That means we use water jugs to fill the toilet before we do our business, then pump, then add more water, then pump again, then add a little more water.  It's a pain in the ass and sometimes I actually throw my hands in the air and exclaim that I don't have time for this shit.  Which is kind of funny when you think about it.  But it's a pain it the butt and it's old and we have toilet envy whenever we visit our friends and see their electric pump toilets.  And we're sick of having water jugs all over the small bathroom.

An aside.  The reason we unhooked the toilet from the water tank was because it was originally set up to use sea water instead of fresh water.  And if you've ever smelled sea water after it's been sitting for a little while, you know that all of those living organisms in there smell really REALLY bad after they die.  In fact, they smell far worse than anything we'd ever be putting into the toilet on our own.  Really.  So we opted for the fresh water jugs until we were able to replace the old toilet.

And that brings me to today.  Today we are buying a brandy new electric flush toilet!  Yippeeee!!!!

You do not know how much this excites me.  Not only will we not have to struggle to flush our toilet anymore, but we'll be hooking the (fresh) water back up to it and can eliminate the water jugs.  AND-and this is actually best of all-it's new, and clean and OURS.  No other tooshies have touched this toilet. 

Once we get the toilet installed, (and when I say we, I of course mean my super awesome, super talented, and super duper hot husband B1) we'll be re-doing almost the entire bathroom.  We'll be getting a new sink and mirror and I'll (yes really me) be tiling the backspash.  We'll (see my "we" comment above) be building a new counter to house the new sink-which will be higher than our current sink so we don't have to bend all the way over to wash or faces.  We're tall ones, B1 and I.

Even though only about 4 people I know and used to know still read this blog, I'll post some before and after pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Happy flushing!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I do not know why my randomivity button, which I've used for years, is saving with a yucky tan background instead of white, like it looks on my computer before I upload it.

Being promoted was great.  Except that it means longer hours, less breaks and more headaches.  And I still can't pay all of my bills the way I want to.

Taking a pottery class after years and years and years of wanting to take a pottery class is great fun.  Playing with smooshy wet clay on a pottery wheel is very therapeutic.

Living in a very small space is hard for anyone, let along newlyweds who are both strong willed.

You have to really love each other to move past things and to grow and learn from your mistakes.

Getting an email with a couple for a $20 steak dinner is great, but it's even more great when your husband asks you on an impromptu date to take advantage of that coupon.  Yum!

Shopping for an electric toilet is also a great date and I'm very much looking forward to it tonight.

I miss my Bella Boo.

I haven't practiced the guitar in a really long time and I feel guilty every time I see that beautiful black left-handed guitar hanging on our wall.  It's part of operation do stuff again and I will begin practicing next week.

We're also signed up for a couple of couple's groups in the near future.  One is chaotic cooking!  So fun!

It's easy to get into a rut.  Even in a kick ass city like ours.

Pool parties will start again soon!

I just had hot apple cider.