Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Labor Day at the Races

This is how we spent Labor Day weekend...

We took another couple with us on a 5-hour sailing trip to Gloucester to watch the schooner races.  We spent the weekend on the hook (at anchor) and fished, played games and laughed.  It was great fun...except that 2 days is a looooong time to share such a small space with another couple.  We don't think we'll do that again.  We'd happily travel with others if they have their own boat and want to anchor near us, or if we will have separate rooms in a hotel.  But not when we're sharing our small little home while at anchor.  It's just too much.

We did finally catch some lobsters!  3, to be exact.  However we had to throw them back because they weren't quite big enough.  But we're getting closer to having our very own free lobster dinner.