Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Boat life... yummy. 

 I worried a little bit, even though we bought that sexy new oven (even before we bought the boat) that cooking would be difficult.  And it's true that we've only been at the dock so far, but cooking is...exactly the same.  Actually, strike that-it's better.  It's amazing to be able to have all of the hatches open, sun shining down on my with the ocean breeze wafting through the house.  If feels  Which I know it's not.  I mean, who lives on a boat?  But somehow, it feels organic.

I like it.
I have to admit that it is harder to get all of my cooking tools.  To make this pasta, for example, I needed to dig deep into a locker and move things around until I found the pasta pot.  Then I had to move more stuff around to get the strainer.  And to get into the locker, I had to move every on the counter, because the locker is under the counter.

But it's all good.  While I was waiting for the pasta water to boil, I was sitting in the sun in the cockpit with a glass of wine listening to the water and the city at the same time.  Which is another reason why I said that cooking is better on a boat.

Now...check with me in another month or so when we start cruising and anchoring in the middle of the ocean.  Then we'll really see. :) 

Why is it...

...that when you need to wear the ONE pair of plain white underwear you own that you can't find them?


Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 I made curtains.  And I'm pretty darned proud of them:

If you don't know, curtains for a boat are expensive.  Really expensive.  And so are shades and...anything for that matter.  So B1 and I are always looking for a creative (read:cheaper) way to make things work for our home.  We have to be mindful of the fact that we have a harsher environment than normal home owners, so the materials we use have to be boat friendly.  Also, we have to think about how practical the items we use are because it's such a small space.

When we first moved onto the boat, there was an old rail system on the windows.  It was rusty and gross so I didn't want to use it, but thought I could clean it and freshen it up.  However, the little slide thingy's that we needed for the curtains are no longer sold.  So we had to start over.  I searched for at least a month to find curtain rods that I thought would work, but came up short.  Then one day while we were in a big box home improvement store I had an idea.  I thought that we could use decorative molding as a rod and I could velcro panels of fabric to the back creating curtains.

B1 wasn't 100% sure it would work, but after a few minutes of convincing, he agreed and we set out to find the perfect fabric.  The molding was easy-we found a faux wood strip that matches the color of our teak perfectly.  And because it's fake, it bends wonderfully with the curve of the boat.  Score!

The fabric took a little while to find, but once I saw it, I knew.  B1 loves it too, and it matches our decor perfectly.  I bought a light blocking fabric to line them with and found a cheap little craft sewing machine that worked fabulously and got to work.  I'm really proud of myself at how well they came out.  Normally things like this end up crooked when I do them, but these are almost perfect!  And last night we put them up (on the port side of the boat) and they're even better.  Tonight we're finishing the other side and then we can walk around naked again! 

You'd be surprised how limiting it is being so close to neighbors when you step out of the shower into your living room.  And you don't have curtains.  No more shrinking down while drying off and dressing for this girl!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pictures of Our Surroundings

Living on a boat in the harbor during springtime is glorious. I was going to say it easily makes up for all of the hard, cold nights we encountered during the winter but you know what?  It wasn't bad at all!  In fact, I think we were better off in our boat under the bubble than we were in our apartment!  (Except that heat was MUCH more expensive.)  So instead of saying it makes up for the winter, I'll just say that it's just glorious.  This weekend was PERFECT weather. Just warm enough, sunny, bright blue skies...just couldn't get any better than that.  And Saturday night B1 went out with a friend and I was left to enjoy our home on my own. 

It's like we're on vacation every day.  Really.  So I sat outside in the cockpit with a glass (or two) of wine, a good book and a blanket, and just enjoyed our home with our Bella.  Here she is below watching her very first fish jump out of the water.

She wouldn't leave that spot for at least 15 minutes.  Even when there was a loud noise, which usually sends her below deck!  It was funny to watch her curious little face.  I worried at one point that she'd jump in after the fishes-and that I would have no way of getting her out (no net yet).  We don't know if she can swim and the life vest we have for her is too big.  Yes, we have a life vest for her.

In preparation of the upcoming parties we're sure to have over the next few months, I purchased new lanterns for the cockpit.  The first two are medium sized and are battery operated so that we can turn them on at dusk if we want them.  The second picture is of a string of little lantern lights which are solar powered.  I can't wait until the cockpit is all cleaned up (still cluttered due to projects we're currently doing).

I honestly can't remember if I shared our new view with you here.  So here it is.  We're right at the opening to the harbor now, so the city is in closer view. 

And this is the view we have while sitting on our "back deck".  Really, I feel so lucky every time I see it.