Monday, April 22, 2013

From Lock Down to Dock Down

What a week.  Such an odd, surreal feeling to LIVE in the city the whole world is talking about.  Monday it was a mix of fear, disbelief and sadness while we sat in the boat listening to the sirens for hours.  The same sirens we could hear on the TV, we could also hear in person.  A siren isn't the type of sound you want to be able to hear in stereo.  Especially late into the night.

And then I woke up on Friday morning at 5:30am and saw the news about the shooting.  In a town where I used to shop when I first moved here.  And then the whole city was shut down and we just watched, and watched, and watched until we couldn't take it anymore.  And we ventured out because we were driving north and thought we'd be safe.
There were so many Coast Guard helicopters in the area searching Boston for anything suspicious. 

At one point, I looked up and saw 3 helicopters swarming.  By my calculations, they were swarming the suspects neighborhood.  In this picture, you can only see 2 of them, and they look like tiny, tiny flies.
This is usually a VERY busy bus station in the city.  Friday afternoon is was completely empty due to MBTA shutting down and the city being on lock down.

Early that evening, I commented on Facebook that you know you've been watching the news for too long when you start correcting the new shift of news reporters. One of our friends saw it and invited us over to an impromptu news watching party on their boat.  It was a really great way to get out of the house, to be a little distracted and to have a few laughs with the people we've become friends with.  And when the suspect was a boat...we all sort of chuckled.  And answered the 50 texts we all got asking if the boat was near ours.  And then laughed because, well, no.  That one was on land.  In Watertown.

Believe it or not, we felt very safe where we were.  We live very close to a national monument which has active military on its base daily.  The Coast Guard sits right across from us in the harbor.  They were on high alert, patrolling the area well.  We weren't going to be hurt.  It was very comforting.

Marina flag, at half mast on Monday.
So we're relieved, as I'm sure you all are too.   It was wonderful to see people out and about again yesterday and to see all of the tourists back.  And also good to get back to worrying about what really matters...getting moved to our summer slip!

So if you look at this picture, the only sailboat left on the inner docks is ours.  Every one of our neighbors was moved to their summer slips before we were!  I was starting to take it personally!  But yesterday we had a knock on the hull telling us that we were going for a ride and within 3 minutes, we moved to our summer home.  

 Our summer home is much cooler than our winter one.  They keep everyone tucked in together during the winter, closer to the club house on the inner docks so they only have to snow blow a few docks.  It's also WAY less windy in the cove, making for a better winter experience.  But now we're living large, out on the edge of the marina right in the harbor.  Right near my favorite bridge ever.

Our summer home.
View looking forward.

View from the cockpit.

We found a flag.  And also, my husband is so freakin' cute!

Night view of the bridge, all lit up to honor the marathon victims (blue & yellow).  This, incidentally, is also the view we can see while sitting in our "living room".  Pretty awesome.

So there you have it.  A blog post.  With pictures to boot!  I hope you're all doing well, and that you didn't know anyone hurt in last weeks bombing.