Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard 2013: Nemo

Guess what? We had a blizzard. In case you didn't hear.  Pretty much everyone we know was sending us messages, telling us to go to a hotel or to go to their house...but we knew we'd be OK.

Most of the boats lights run off of the battery.  The waters also does.  And our oven runs off of propane.  So if the area lost power, we'd still be set.  And if the power stayed out for a long time, we have two big solar panels to recharge the batteries.  And if there was flooding, well, we live on a boat. :)

We never lost power.  The winds were strong, but not any more powerful than the ones we had a couple of weeks ago.  And we're tucked in pretty good at the marina, so we weren't subject to any of the waves going on at the outer docks, directly in the harbor.

Pretty much everyone who told us to leave our house lost power and are dealing with storm related issues.  We, on the other hand, are just enjoying being snowed in together.

Oh-and there was a pool party on Friday.  Yes, in the blizzard.  We joined our neighbors in our heated pool (100 degrees) for a couple of hours while everyone else was stuck inside their houses.  It was pretty awesome.

The snow started to collect in the water.
It was really coming down!
When it snows a lot, we have to knock the snow off of the shrink warp.  This is me at the front of the boat after the pool party (hence, the robe) knocking the snow off of our house.

B1 at the back of the boat.
The marina does a FANTASTIC job of keeping the docks clear.  They were snowblowing the crap out of them all night.

I called these lily pads, but learned later they it's called "pancake ice".  Pretty cool, huh?

We got up on Saturday and took a walk around the neighborhood to see the damage.

The outer docks aren't cleared like ours are. 

We had to bundle up pretty good.  We both had all of our waterproof clothing on for the walk!

Our dinghy is under here somewhere. :)

Our hood

From the bridge...

We walked right in the middle of the bridge-because there was a driving ban throughout the state.  It was weird.

B1 taking a seat across the bridge.

These people are going to be snowed in for a looooong time.  Good thing they live where they do-lots of public transportation around here.

The whole street was the same.
This is how WE clear our car off. :)  Ahh...the benifits of paying for a garage...
This is a famous ship, which we share space with.

So that's our little walk around the hood...hope you liked it-and if you are in the Northeast, I hope you're safe and sound.