Thursday, January 24, 2013


In case you didn't know it, it's cold here in Boston.  Like, really cold.  Like, it feels like it's -10 degrees cold.  And we live not only on the water, but IN the water.

Last night after Tai Chi class, B1 and I went to dinner.  On the way into the restaurant, I commented that I didn't want to walk to the boat because it was going to be REALLY cold on the docks, even with my extra warm LLBean coat, wool scarf and funny hat.

It's not really a funny hat, but I feel funny wearing it because I've never been one to wear this kind of hat.  But it's too cold at home now to NOT wear this hat...

That led to the conversation about how cold it was going to be inside of our home when we got there because we hadn't been there to put the 2nd heater on.  And THAT led to how cold our bathroom is.  It's true that it's freezing in there.  The toilet is very close to the wall, so when you sit down, your naked legs touch said wall and literally scares the pee out of you.  Which is OK because, you know, that's why you're there, but not OK because it's cold.  We try to remember to keep the door open in the morning when we turn the hot water heater on (that's another story) but we forget, or it closes, or Bella, our cat, closes it for us.  And so we end up showering and shivering at the same time.

So we bought another heater.

This one is tiny and doesn't have (or use) much power, but it does the job.  In fact, last night when we brought it home, B1 and I both took turns sitting in there to warm up.  Because it's such a small area (it's probably a little bigger than most of your shower stalls at home) it warms up quickly.  And this morning's shower was glorious. 

Something fun did happen as a result of us not being home to turn on the 2nd heater though.  When I got into bed, the memory foam was a little frozen!  Not frozen solid, but frozen enough that it didn't sink down when I sat on it for a few minutes.  Luckily the heater was on at that point and it warmed up quickly, and all was right with the world.  I think tonight I'm going to hook up the heating blanket to warm up the bed, then shut it off and put the heater on.  (Can't keep everything on at the same time because we'll blow the circuit breaker-which means we have to go outside.)

And speaking of going outside in the cold-we were alerted that a homeless man jumped the fence to the marina (at high tide, it's really easy to do) and boarded a boat to try to stay warm!  That really freaked me out hearing that.  It's a gated community and I feel safe there and never once thought I had to worry about this sort of thing.  But sure enough, we do.  The thing that really scared me most is that we hadn't yet had a secure way of locking the hatch from the inside, and therefore anyone could come in while we were sleeping.  B1 took care of that.  But I'm still going to be more cautious when I come home at night, to be sure that no one is sleeping in our cockpit.

Ah...the joys of living aboard!  :)