Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sailor Party

Last night B1 and I had the pleasure of joining his fellow mates from the schooner for their annual crew party.  What a delightful group of people!  The night was a big secret up until the very moment we left.  We all met on the schooner for drinks around 5:30pm and then at 6pm we were told that we'd be spending the evening cruising around the Charles-on a motor yacht!

It was great fun.  The boat itself was so pretty!  The salon was really spacious with comfy sofas and beautiful inlaid tables.  The real star though was the fly bridge-holy cow!  It was so open and it even had a hot tub!  (Which we sadly didn't get to use.)  The drinks were endless and we enjoyed pass hot h'or d'ourves before dinner. 

The coolest part of the evening for me was that we actually passed by our own marina-and went through the locks!  Both B1 and I have walked over them many, many times, and we live so close that we've seen them used before-but we've never been inside of them in a boat.  What a cool experience!

B1 and I with our bridge and home in the background.
We're so lucky to be able to call this place home.

So, this huge yacht heads over to the bridge and waits to be noticed.  Then, the doors magically open and we enter.  And all of a sudden, we're rising.  And then we're level with the road and the traffic (and can see the cars coming at us!) and then we're under the mighty bridge...



It was quite amazing.  The rest of the evening was spent sharing stories, drinking, eating and laughing.  What a great way to spend a Tuesday.  And honestly, all I kept thinking was how lucky we are to live where we do...never in CT would I ever had this chance.  It just reaffirms my feelings of gratitude for having the courage to move here all of those years ago...

Oh-BTW...the boat we were on (and also the boat B1 works on) lives right next door to this bad boy.

 Which just happens to belong to the owner of our baseball team.  Nice, huh?

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Travis Cody said...

That does sound like a neat evening, even for a non-sailor such as myself.