Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I do not know why my randomivity button, which I've used for years, is saving with a yucky tan background instead of white, like it looks on my computer before I upload it.

Being promoted was great.  Except that it means longer hours, less breaks and more headaches.  And I still can't pay all of my bills the way I want to.

Taking a pottery class after years and years and years of wanting to take a pottery class is great fun.  Playing with smooshy wet clay on a pottery wheel is very therapeutic.

Living in a very small space is hard for anyone, let along newlyweds who are both strong willed.

You have to really love each other to move past things and to grow and learn from your mistakes.

Getting an email with a couple for a $20 steak dinner is great, but it's even more great when your husband asks you on an impromptu date to take advantage of that coupon.  Yum!

Shopping for an electric toilet is also a great date and I'm very much looking forward to it tonight.

I miss my Bella Boo.

I haven't practiced the guitar in a really long time and I feel guilty every time I see that beautiful black left-handed guitar hanging on our wall.  It's part of operation do stuff again and I will begin practicing next week.

We're also signed up for a couple of couple's groups in the near future.  One is chaotic cooking!  So fun!

It's easy to get into a rut.  Even in a kick ass city like ours.

Pool parties will start again soon!

I just had hot apple cider.

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