Thursday, August 01, 2013

37. How'd That Happen?

 Another birthday has come and gone.  How does time fly so quickly?  Remember when summer used to feel like years?  Not it's a fleeting moment and there's never enough time for anything...

This year's birthday week was jam packed.  It started with B1 hand delivering a beautiful bouquet of flowers to me at work and included a dinner of hot dogs at a drive-in (I love hot dogs), a Red Sox game (I love the Red Sox), a crazy trip to NYC (in which we left Boston at 2am to get there by 6:30am!) to attend a taping of "The Chew" at ABC studios and to spend the day in the city, a birthday party on our boat (that included a visit from an old friend from CT) and dinner at my most favorite restaurant in the city, Daily Catch.

I'm still tired.  Here are some pictures of my week:

Beautiful flowers to kick off my birthday week...hand delivered by my handsome husband.

We made it!  6:30am arrival time made for a very sleepy couple!

BUT...we got tickets 1 and 2!

...and therefore really good seats!

We even got on TV a couple of times.  But they cut out B1 in the online version.  We were seen dancing before a commercial.
Michael Simon and Carla Hall

Clinton Kelly in the background on set.

Gordon Elliot

I made a really kick ass cheese board for my party.
And this is how you set up your food when you live on a have to be a little creative. :)

We hung lights and lanterns for a more festive feel.  The party was just getting started here-once more people arrived, I forgot to take pictures.  Which is a good sign that I had a great time with both old and new friends.

I also made awesome chicken skewers.  Delicious.
And of course, rum punch!

The most amazing dinner I ever ate.   Aglio Olio which is ground squid, garlic and olive oil over squid ink pasta which is house made.  Sounds gross, but it's orgasmic.   So. Good.  I literally dream about this stuff and crave it at least twice a month.  But only eat it about twice a year.

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