Friday, July 05, 2013

4th of July

There's been a lone swan at the marina for a couple of weeks who's now prone to swimming up to our boats and looking in the windows like a peeping Tom. 
...and then leaves when we have nothing for him/her.
Happy 4th of July!
This is the boat that B1 is working on this summer!
The USS Constitution "sails" once a year.  Two fire boats accompany her.  Here is one with a pink spray which is cool, but also, random.

The USS Constitution in all her glory.  It almost looks like she's actually sailing because the tug is hidden.  But notice, there are no sails up...
Being overtaken by the charter pirate boat.
Another fire boat.
Goodbye Boston!  We're off to our first anchorage...playing near an island for the day!

B1 swimming off the back of our boat for the first time.  It was COLD!

Back at home, waiting for the fireworks to begin.  These cups have been a lot of fun and we're glad we kept them.  They're from our honeymoon!
Fireworks over the Charles...we couldn't see the very low ones, but we got to see most of them.  And best of all, we didn't have to fight any crowds and we were in our own home, in the cockpit with drinks and snacks!


 Pretty cool, no?

We're off tomorrow for our very first week long sailing vacation!  Tomorrow morning we leave for PTown and then we'll meet up with friends mid-week to hang out and play in the water more.  Stay tuned for more pictures and fun!

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Travis Cody said...

A peeping swan, eh? LOL!

What a great life you have. It's not for everyone...not for us. But it's for you and you're making a great job of it.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.