Friday, May 17, 2013

Procrastination & Clamican Pasta

Bella says "Hello!" from the cockpit:

So this boat stuff makes it pretty easy to procrastinate. Guess who didn't do laundry last night? This girl. I hand washed some underwear, made a delicious meal and sat outside reading until it was too dark to see. This is the life.

Dinner: Pasta w/ white beans, spinach, clams and LOTS of garlic.

Dinner always tastes better on deck.  But it was damn good inside too.

I thought these lines looked cool-the bridge in the background with all of the lines from the boats.

It looked cooler in my head last night than it does in the picture...

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Travis Cody said...

You know, as long as it's cool when you're doing it, that's what matters.