Monday, May 13, 2013

Life...of the Wild Variety

Yesterday on the way to the car, I spotted this guy:

I was fascinated.  I've seen jellyfish before, so I'm not really sure why.  Maybe because it's in my "backyard" was so cool to watch for a few minutes.  Its tentacles were out because it was feeding.  When they are full, they retract so it just looks like a round jellyfish.  I know this because my friend Roxy has one as a pet.

And then, when we were walking back from the car later that day, I spotted this little guy!

I've never seen a starfish in the wild before, so I was like a little kid.  There were about 12 of them along the walls. 

I had to stop taking pictures of them though because it was a little excessive.  But this morning when I was walking back to the car for work, there were even more!  A couple looked like babies.  I was late so I didn't stop to take more pictures.  I'm really hoping that we put our trap in the water soon so we can catch a few crabs and lobsters.  Our neighbor does that all of the time and eats really well!

Next, I really hope we get to see a seal.  They say that every now and then one or two wander into the marina.  I might poop my pants with excitement if that ever happens.

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Travis Cody said...

That's cool. And you can actually trap right there too? Nifty!