Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's the Little Things

I've discovered that happiness comes in tinier packages these days, living on a boat.  For instance, yesterday I found a clean pair of underwear hiding at the bottom of my laundry pile and was elated.  You see, we live on E-dock, which is one of the farthest away from the clubhouse, where the laundry room is.  And it was raining a little yesterday and I was tired.

So finding clean underwear was an amazing feeling...I could wait until tomorrow to wash my clothes!

I mean, I literally jumped into the air and exclaimed, "Yes!" when I found them.  Unfortunately there was only one pair, so I will have to do laundry tonight when I get home.  But it's sunny and 78 today here, so it won't be such a chore. 

Especially when I get to sit on deck with a glass of wine and a good book while I'm waiting for it to be done.

And also, we're doing this, this weekend for the first time this season, if all goes well with our projects and the weather:

Pictures from our first time sailing her home in October 2012

Fun times, all around...

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