Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Boat life... yummy. 

 I worried a little bit, even though we bought that sexy new oven (even before we bought the boat) that cooking would be difficult.  And it's true that we've only been at the dock so far, but cooking is...exactly the same.  Actually, strike that-it's better.  It's amazing to be able to have all of the hatches open, sun shining down on my with the ocean breeze wafting through the house.  If feels  Which I know it's not.  I mean, who lives on a boat?  But somehow, it feels organic.

I like it.
I have to admit that it is harder to get all of my cooking tools.  To make this pasta, for example, I needed to dig deep into a locker and move things around until I found the pasta pot.  Then I had to move more stuff around to get the strainer.  And to get into the locker, I had to move every on the counter, because the locker is under the counter.

But it's all good.  While I was waiting for the pasta water to boil, I was sitting in the sun in the cockpit with a glass of wine listening to the water and the city at the same time.  Which is another reason why I said that cooking is better on a boat.

Now...check with me in another month or so when we start cruising and anchoring in the middle of the ocean.  Then we'll really see. :) 

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