Monday, April 29, 2013

Pictures of Our Surroundings

Living on a boat in the harbor during springtime is glorious. I was going to say it easily makes up for all of the hard, cold nights we encountered during the winter but you know what?  It wasn't bad at all!  In fact, I think we were better off in our boat under the bubble than we were in our apartment!  (Except that heat was MUCH more expensive.)  So instead of saying it makes up for the winter, I'll just say that it's just glorious.  This weekend was PERFECT weather. Just warm enough, sunny, bright blue skies...just couldn't get any better than that.  And Saturday night B1 went out with a friend and I was left to enjoy our home on my own. 

It's like we're on vacation every day.  Really.  So I sat outside in the cockpit with a glass (or two) of wine, a good book and a blanket, and just enjoyed our home with our Bella.  Here she is below watching her very first fish jump out of the water.

She wouldn't leave that spot for at least 15 minutes.  Even when there was a loud noise, which usually sends her below deck!  It was funny to watch her curious little face.  I worried at one point that she'd jump in after the fishes-and that I would have no way of getting her out (no net yet).  We don't know if she can swim and the life vest we have for her is too big.  Yes, we have a life vest for her.

In preparation of the upcoming parties we're sure to have over the next few months, I purchased new lanterns for the cockpit.  The first two are medium sized and are battery operated so that we can turn them on at dusk if we want them.  The second picture is of a string of little lantern lights which are solar powered.  I can't wait until the cockpit is all cleaned up (still cluttered due to projects we're currently doing).

I honestly can't remember if I shared our new view with you here.  So here it is.  We're right at the opening to the harbor now, so the city is in closer view. 

And this is the view we have while sitting on our "back deck".  Really, I feel so lucky every time I see it.


Lou Lohman said...

You're so lucky - when I was there to see the "Constitution" I saw your boat basin. Very nice - and close in to the city. Very lucky, you.

Travis Cody said...

Great scenery. I think I'd be really nervous with a cat on a boat. But Bella looks like she understands that the water is not the place for her.