Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 I made curtains.  And I'm pretty darned proud of them:

If you don't know, curtains for a boat are expensive.  Really expensive.  And so are shades and...anything for that matter.  So B1 and I are always looking for a creative (read:cheaper) way to make things work for our home.  We have to be mindful of the fact that we have a harsher environment than normal home owners, so the materials we use have to be boat friendly.  Also, we have to think about how practical the items we use are because it's such a small space.

When we first moved onto the boat, there was an old rail system on the windows.  It was rusty and gross so I didn't want to use it, but thought I could clean it and freshen it up.  However, the little slide thingy's that we needed for the curtains are no longer sold.  So we had to start over.  I searched for at least a month to find curtain rods that I thought would work, but came up short.  Then one day while we were in a big box home improvement store I had an idea.  I thought that we could use decorative molding as a rod and I could velcro panels of fabric to the back creating curtains.

B1 wasn't 100% sure it would work, but after a few minutes of convincing, he agreed and we set out to find the perfect fabric.  The molding was easy-we found a faux wood strip that matches the color of our teak perfectly.  And because it's fake, it bends wonderfully with the curve of the boat.  Score!

The fabric took a little while to find, but once I saw it, I knew.  B1 loves it too, and it matches our decor perfectly.  I bought a light blocking fabric to line them with and found a cheap little craft sewing machine that worked fabulously and got to work.  I'm really proud of myself at how well they came out.  Normally things like this end up crooked when I do them, but these are almost perfect!  And last night we put them up (on the port side of the boat) and they're even better.  Tonight we're finishing the other side and then we can walk around naked again! 

You'd be surprised how limiting it is being so close to neighbors when you step out of the shower into your living room.  And you don't have curtains.  No more shrinking down while drying off and dressing for this girl!

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