Thursday, October 25, 2012

She's Ours

We are boat owners.  We have a home...we set sail for Boston on Saturday and move in on Sunday.

Yikes and yay at the same time.

We'll name her "Just Married" and of course I'll share pictures.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Jewelry Box

Mine is blue.  With hot pink duct tape stripes.  And I'll probably add some more bling to it too...

I have a lot of jewelry.  I love big chunky necklaces and I have A LOT of them.  And I have ton of earrings too, and rings and bracelets.  I love to accessorize.  In the past, I've hung all of my necklaces on the wall with pretty hooks and my earrings hang from a pretty stand.  My rings are stacked up on a porcelain hand.  And when we started talking about living on a boat, my mind when to two places:

1.  Shoes
2. Jewelry

Where the heck was I going to store all of my pretty stuff!?!  I've since stopped worrying about this because I know that we'll figure it out.  I decided last week that I'd just buy a whole bunch of beading boxes (plastic, snap closure boxes with little compartments) for my jewelry.  I figured that I could store everything securely in a drawer and still have everything organized and untangled.  It worked pretty well, too, except that I have a few necklaces with large pendants and also a bunch of big bracelets-and they didn't fit.  Discouraged, I accepted that some items would either have to be given away or stored in a bag somewhere until I wanted to wear them.  Until...

...our trip to Sports Authority.  B1 suggested that I look in the fishing aisle for boxes with larger compartments.  He's pretty smart.  While they didn't have boxes with bigger compartments, they DID have a bunch of tackle boxes on display.  At first I think B1 was kidding, but then we looked inside this sucker and it rocks!!  The top opens up to reveal a huge top compartment-big enough for all of my large bracelets and chunky necklaces.  Then...and this is the cool part-that front wall folds down and inside, there are 4 boxes with re-sizable compartments!  Snap closure!  4 of them!  It rocks.  So now I have earrings and rings on the top 2 and necklaces and smaller bracelets on the bottom 2.  And it's all secure.  And movable.  And boat worthy.

I'm sure we'll be finding lots of creative ways to store our stuff over then next few months...