Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Purging

In the past couple of weeks, we've gotten rid of a lot of material objects.  We decided early on that we were only going to keep the things that were really important to us or that we really loved.  Everything else we'd sell, donate or give away to friends.  Our storage unit is only 5x10 (I think) and it'll be just enough room for the two chairs, dresser, chest and books we are keeping.  Oh, and our camping stuff and B1's snowboarding stuff.  We've purged our:

Dining room table
8 Dining room chairs
1 Kitchen cart
Kitchen table & 2 chairs
Filing cabinet
Corner curio cabinet
Small dresser
12 Lanterns (from our wedding)
1 Lobster trap (also from our wedding)
Glass sea balls, monkeys fists and candle holder (you guessed it, from our wedding)
An entire wall of picture frames (really-a huge wall of frames)
5 mirrors
Heavy mixing bowls (glass)
Tupperware (I gave it away by giving people homemade squash bisque with the condition they had to keep the container!)
Used bath products (yes, really-I was amazed!)
Coffee table
2 Lamps
Half round side table
1 Large kitchen cart
Bags and bags (and bags and bags) of clothing
Oh...and one of our cars!

We still have to get rid of our sofa and chaise lounge and our tv cabinet and lots of little things that I'm sure we don't even know we have yet!  It amazes me that we have so much left even after giving away all of that crap!  It is funny around here though-we have no tables and chairs, and no lamps or side tables.  So putting things down (like my purse, grocery bags, MAIL) when we come into the house is...interesting.

So, if you're in our area and you need a sofa and chaise lounge, please come take it. :)


We have our slip in Boston Harbor paid for, most of our furniture has been sold along with little knick knacks and collectibles, our storage unit is ready for our boxes, we've paid for the parking garage in Boston where we'll keep our car and our address is changed (and PO Box acquired).  We've bought our stove, our refrigerator, bed slats for under the mattress and unbreakable dishes.  I picked out fabric to recover our throw pillows (B1 won't let me buy any more...I kind of have a problem).  Everything's set to go...

...except we don't actually, technically own the boat yet.

We're still waiting to find out when our closing will be.  We can move into the marina on the 25th, but we have no idea when we'll get to sign the paperwork that says we're allowed to move the boat yet.  So we're just sort of waiting anxiously for that one last (major) piece.  It's a little frustrating because I don't like not knowing, but at least we know that we will own it by the end of the month for sure. would be nice if we could move next week.  Cross your fingers for us!