Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Now We're Cookin' w/...Propane

 Today is our boat survey.  B1's over at the boat taking care of things and making sure everything goes smoothly.  I'm so anxious to hear how it went.  We aren't anticipating anything crazy to be wrong with the boat, but this is pretty much the point where we know 100% whether we're still going to buy this boat.  It'll also be the jumping off point for scheduling our closing.

Because we don't anticipate any problems, we went out and made a major purchase for our new home.  It's this beautiful new and shiny stove!  Isn't she beautiful!?!

I am pleasantly surprised at how big it is.*  My largest (and very new) pan fits easily on the big top burner and all of my other nice pans also fit.  AND they fit in the oven too!  The only thing that is too big are our cookie sheets and honestly, it was time to get new ones anyway.  I can't wait until it's installed so I can cook our first meal in our new home!  What do you think our first meal should be?

So, cross your fingers that everything is going well over at the boat today and that our closing will be scheduled in a timely manner...like, hopefully within the next two weeks!

Hope you're having as much fun with your life, as we are with ours!

*That's what she said.

Sunday, October 07, 2012


B1 and I are having a really good time.  I mean, we pretty much have a good time no matter what we're doing and where we are, but we're having so much fun getting ready for our new home.  Yesterday we went to Target and bought new dishes (melamine material so they don't break) that are turquoise.  They look like ceramic and I love them.  The color reminds me of the water in Bermuda.  Not the light blue that you see in the pictures of the beach-more like the deep blue that you see when you're in the middle, like when we were snorkeling.

Then we bought four plastic bins for our clothes.  These will serve as our dresser.  Our boat has two bedrooms and one of them we will use as our closet/attic.  And probably most important, we bought a ceramic heater which blows warm air.  That'll be part of what keeps us warm this winter.  (The boat will be shrink wrapped too-I'll post about that and show pictures when it's happening.)

One of our wedding presents was a gift card to Amazon-which was one of the places we registered.  It was a nice size gift, an we were able to pretty much clear our registry of almost everything we didn't get and more.  We ordered 3 stainless steel kitchen utensils, two wine glasses (also melamine-to match the others we received), dish towels, a can opener, a set of 400 count sheets, oven mitts and a cool trivet.  The flower below is the trivet!

I think we're going to decorate with turquoise, gray and yellow like the mitt above.

THEN, today, we bought a dehumidifier (which we got a with a gift card that we received from the people who took our old boat) and we shopped for a fridge (mini, but with a real freezer) and tile for the bathroom and kitchen.  And...tomorrow we're going to the Cape to look at an oven.

It's pretty exciting to be getting all of these new things for our new home.  It's just stuff, but it's stuff for a home that B1 and I will own together because we're MARRIED.  Still crazy.

And the funny thing is-we're getting rid of pretty much everything we own.  Which is sort of liberating, actually.  For years I've been keeping certain things (mostly clothes) but haven't actually worn any of it.  And now I have a HUGE pile to be donated.  I have boxes and boxes of cookbooks and novels that I'm giving away.  And people all over are getting our furniture.  It's pretty cool.

As B1 recently said, "We're about to become the craziest people most people know."