Wednesday, August 01, 2012

License to Marry

Another thing we'll be crossing off of our list this week:

...applying for our marriage license!  Holy yowzers!  It's coming up fast. :)  This is crazy stuff!

Today on Facebook I posted an update saying it's a nice day to RSVP, don't you think?  Why?  Because I KNOW there are (at least) 19 people who are coming to the wedding but haven't RSVP'd formally yet.  And why do I need them to do this?  So I know what they are eating, silly!  And also, I can rest assured that they are really coming.  And I can put them on a table chart and make their seating card too.

It's just courteous.  If you know you're coming or not coming, tell me.  I will never understand why people wait until the last minute-or worse-the people who don't feel the need to RSVP at all.  I consider this rude and inconsiderate and wish people would know that.  *sigh*

I gave people far too long to RSVP.  I should have given them until the 20th instead of the 27th.  (The wedding is 9/14) 

Another reason is, well, we have 2nd string guests who we'd like to invite if others say they aren't coming.  We couldn't invite everyone.  We didn't have the money or the space to do that, so we made a small list of people we'd like there with us if others on the "1st string" couldn't make it.  We can't do that until those people RSVP.  And if they wait until the last day to do so, we can't invite the alternates.  *sigh*

I know people aren't doing anything wrong.  But I also know that a bunch of these people are just being lazy, and are not thinking of the big picture.  And why should they?  It's not their wedding.  But man, I really just want to call these people and say, "I know you're coming-just tell me what the heck you want to eat already!!!".

But alas, I wait.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One Down...

One more project done! These will hang off of our chairs at the reception, I think...