Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stealthy Smurf: Revisited

So um...yeah.  I was totally right. :)  But, my blog friends, they were none the wiser; I played it off that was was completely surprised.  I even exclaimed "Shut up!" when I walked in the room and they all shouted "Surprise!".  That's a classic Maggie Moo reaction, so it was totally authentic.

The funny part was, I knew it was coming.  And all day I was wondering how the heck they were going to get me downstairs.  We usually have parties on my floor, right in front of my office and I knew they couldn't do that because I'd see it all.  So I knew it was going to be in the very large, formal party room downstairs and I wondered how they'd get me there.  Along with all of the deans in our suite, my staff and my friends.  Well...this is how it went down.  They called our office and told my staff that the new provost wanted to meet all of us "right now" downstairs informally but in the big room.  If I didn't know about this little trick, I would have been pissed.  (The guy's been here 2 whole days-and he just thinks my boss is free at his command?!)  Lucky for him, it was a lie.  (I'm very protective of my boss!)

So, here I am walking downstairs with the deans, listening to them complain about being called downstairs by their boss during lunch and that they hoped it wasn't going to be a common thing.  I had to try REALLY hard not to smirk because, you know, I was playing mad too!  And wouldn't you know, somehow I was made to go into the room first.

It was great.  But only because I really knew about it.  Let it be known that if any of you want to, you know, stalk me and throw me a surprise party, I don't like that.  Let it be known.  I like a little warning.

So many people were there!  All of the deans in my suite along with a few others in our school who I interact with regularly.  In addition, most of the staff from our floor was there along with members of the provost office.  AND two of my friends who left after they had babies came!  So it was a bonus-presents AND babies!

We had a light lunch-which included a cheese platter because my friend Tiny knows how much I love cheese.  Then we played a couple of games.  The first was a quiz of famous couples-one person was named and the next was blank.  So for instance there was Mickey and XXXX.  And we'd fill in Minnie.  The next one was funny but I wasn't allowed to play because it was called, "How well do you know Mags and B1".  It included questions like:

*Where did Maggie and B1 meet?
*Where did B1 propose?
*How many engagement rings did B1 give Mags? (I loved that one!)
*Where is Maggie originally from? (This was a trick that the organizers didn't meant to make-they had NY and CT on the list.  I'm originally from NY but grew up in CT.)
*What did Mags go to school for?
*What does B1 do for a living?
*After they get married Maggie and B1 will live...(This was was hysterical.  The choices were: in an apartment, in a new house they'll buy, on a boat or with his parents.  That cracked me up.)

I was so fun to see that most of the people in the room-even the really high ranking administrators-knew so much about me.

After games we had dessert:

Aren't they so pretty?  My friend had them made at a local bakery near her house.  She told them that I am the cake lady and they needed to be great.  Those shells are actually plastic rings!  Clever.  It was funny to see several people walking around with the rings on for the rest of the day.  And the cupcakes were delicious!

Then came the presents.  None of which had actually arrived in time for me to actually open them!  Since our registries are all online, they had to order the gifts and they were waiting for everyone to give their money, so it took a little longer than planned.  Instead, they printed off the pictures for me and presented them in a fun way.  So, we received the digital picture frame we wanted, the 5-piece luggage set we wanted/needed (so excited about that one!), money toward a sea kayaking excursion on our honeymoon (we're actually going to just put it toward the boat; we have a catamaran snorkeling tour booked instead), a gift card to Target (which I'll use to buy the digital camera we want, I think) an the little life jacket we need for Bella the cat!!  It's actually quite hysterical and cute.  I hope she doesn't kill us.

My friends took pictures of the party but I don't have those yet.  Once I get them I'll share some of the good ones.  I was so touched by the little details they remembered or took the time to put together.  Like, for instance, these:

F'adorable, no?

There is only one other thing that would have made this day the best ever and that is one of my friends-the one I like the best-couldn't make it.  She is one of three girls that left last year b/c they had babies-and she recently had a 2nd and she just couldn't make it out of the house.  It would have been my first time seeing her since she had her little boy, and when I heard she was coming, I was thrilled.  Then, a little later, they told me that she couldn't make it in and she was sorry.  BUT, that didn't stop this day from being one of the best that I've had during my tenure at the university.  And I owe it all to a few people who made a point of listening when I talk.

Funny how good that feels.