Thursday, July 05, 2012

Style Guide: Honeymoon

I mentioned before that I'm starting to acquire clothing for my honeymoon now (Yes, Lou...we DO have to leave the room!). These are some of the things I've gotten or hope to get in the near future (birthday?):

What do you think?

Vacation, by Numbers

4 hours spent on our sailboat in Boston Harbor
10 (or so) tall ships we watched/saw in said harbor
2 boats we saw lose complete power
1 boat rumored to have caught fire (It's good to know the Coast Guard has a helicopter that responds so quickly just in case! They were awesome!)
0 boats actually caught fire
2 buoys that we kept passing because the wind shifted and we couldn't seem to get past them
2 people who were a *little* sunburned after sailing in the harbor
1 mini melt-down due to an error on our invitations
1 great solution by the greatest man I know (and get to marry!)
20 dollars spent on printing for "Oops" post cards
8 complete RSVP's for our wedding already
3 days we spent camping in New Hampshire on
1 lake front camp site (which rocked our WORLD!)
0 times we had to lift our canoe back to the car, then down to the ground because we had to get it to the slip (b/c we could launch it right from our site!!)
1 time I decided to take an early morning swim instead of taking a shower (because um...when else can I just jump in the lake when I wake up??)
1 (magnificent) blue herron
1 (or many different ones alone) loon
1 (large!) snapping turtle (from the canoe!!)
4 little turtles
3 (small) fish we caught
0 fish we ate for dinner while camping
1 island we docked on to fish and swim
2 times we got rained on in the middle of the night (once in the tent and once on the sailboat)
2 times my night in shining armor blocked the rain
2 bags of Doritos
18 pints
1 bottle of tequila (almost!)
1 lime
10 sets of fireworks seen from
1 beach
1 set of (Boston) fireworks seen from our apartment window (so totally awesome!!)
2 (quickly melting) ice creams
1million kisses, hugs, snuggles, jokes, laughs, memories over the last
5 days of vacation with my baby...

It was a lovely, lovely week...