Thursday, June 28, 2012

In the Mail!

Not that it wasn't official before's REALLY official now. We're having a wedding!!!!  I finished the invitations (knots, wax seals and all!) last night and this morning on my way in to work, I dropped them off at the post office.
Wow!!!  This is all very exciting.  It's possible that in two days, people will actually be invited to our wedding!!!!

Our honeymoon (to Bermuda) is all payed off.  We chose our excursions the other day and this week I'm going to book those too!  And I've started acquiring my cruise-wear.  Not "real" cruise-wear, mind you, but the clothes I'll wear on my honeymoon!  Yahooooo!!

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders now that those invites are done and gone.  All of the other crafty things we have to do are minor (well...all of MINE are anyway! B1 still has to cut huge pieces of driftwood into stands for the lanterns) compared to that project I took on. 

I was going to poll those (3) of you still reading/commenting (that's the key word!) how much you thought postage was, but then I realized you could click on the pic and look at the stamps.  So, I'll just tell you-$1.10 per invite!!  Holy crap! 

Now, I know they were heavy-they each have a pocket fold card with two different ribbons wrapped around them as a band, 4 squares of card stock, a mat, an invite and 3-4 inserts (depending on if we have reserved them seating or not)...and then the twine knots.  So yeah.  Heavy.  But the thing (oh!  and a wax seal) that really did us in was that knot.  Because it makes the envelope bumpy, it's considered a "large envelope" and therefore is much more expensive.  She told me that if we had just put them in without that, it'd be less than a dollar! 

Oh well.  The knot really ties them together (no pun intended, LOL!) so it's worth it.

Tonight after dinner you know what I'm gonna do?  NOTHING!