Friday, June 15, 2012

Sitting on the Dock of the...Harbor

Last week B1 and I were able to take the boat out for the first time this season.   Even though it's been in the water for some time now, it wasn't quite sea-worthy yet and when it was, the weather wasn't right.  So we were patient and enjoyed simply floating at the marina.  We even stayed over night already. 

My sailing is rusty, and that's being kind.  Toward the end of last season I was just getting the hang of things, but not being able to sail all winter made me forget somethings.  And when crazy things happen, it's hard to remember them all under the gun.  That's OK...I'll get there.  But in the meantime, it's pretty frustrating.

After our 2 hour sail around around Boston Harbor (which was supposed to only be 1 hour!) we headed back to our marina.  Just about when we hit the opening to our little inlet, we were stopped by police boats telling us that a huge tanker was on its way out and we needed to retreat until it passed.

We motored around for about 30 minutes but still saw nothing.  Instead of wasting our gas, we pulled up along a dock of a marina.  It was fun being docked right there, but a little frustrating because we had plans for dinner and it was looking like we'd be late!   Just as I was about to call our friends, I saw the tanker making its way out into the harbor.  You can see it a little bit in this first picture.  It's to the left of that first and red.  See it?

Here's a better view of it making its way past us.

And a little more...

And the hottest man alive (who's going to be MY husband in 91 days!!) waiting patiently in the sun...

When this sucker finally got to us, I was in awe of its size.  You can put it into perspective by looking at the boat next to it.  That in itself was a fairly large boat!

When I took this picture, a little Coast Guard boat came speeding over to us.  I freaked out and threw my phone down below because I thought maybe I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures.  That's when I notice that he was standing beside a huge machine gun!  Nuts!!

By the way, he just told us to stay where we were until the last escort boat passed.  Phew.

So our first sailing adventure of the season had some unexpected twist and turns, but overall it was worth it because I got a blog post out of it.

By the way...we were only 1/2 hour late for dinner...but more sunburned than we thought we'd be. :)  I know you were worried about that.

Monday, June 11, 2012

WWYD (What Would You Do?)

...If one of your employees-who used to be your co-worker-all of a sudden started walking around barefoot in the office?

Would you say something to that person?  And if so, what would you say?

It's inappropriate and unprofessional.  And also, gross.  I recognize I'm not a huge fan of feet, but even still-the workplace is NOT the place to be footloose and fancy free.

I'm sure this is being done because it's thought to be quirky, or cool or something.  Whatever the reason (and I know it's premeditated with this one), it shouldn't be done.  So how do I approach it?