Saturday, April 28, 2012


Things are really starting to come together for the wedding.  In fact, the last "big" thing we had left, ordering the flower girls' dresses, was done today.  It went pretty smoothly mainly because B1 and I already picked out the dress and knew which one we wanted the girls to have.  We had a back up too, but we pretty much knew we weren't going to need it.

This is my niece Rye Bread (she's so grown up now, right??) and B1's God-daughter M2.  I don't have permission to show her face on the blog, so I gave her a disguise.  Not that her Mom knows about this blog, never know.  Anyway-don't they look CUTE?!  The color we chose is called "marine" which fitting-it's a navy color and so pretty.  Especially because both girls have gorgeous blue eyes.

I can't wait to see them both all dressed up with their hair did and with the pretty jewelry we bought them. :)

So, with that, the only things we really need to do are minor.  We have our dinner tasting next week, but we already know what we're serving.  The tasting comes with our package, so we're using it as a date night, really.  I do have to start up on the invitations again as I lost steam.  I have about 3 months to get them finished.  They'll go out in July.

My latest obsession is finding a couple of lobster buoys for the gift table.  Did I tell you that whilst in Maine for our anniversary, we found a lobster trap to use for our card box?  Well, we did and it rocks.  I also found a set of sea balls (on clearance!) at Marshalls which I'm psyched about.  They aren't the colors I loved, like the authentic ones, but they'll do.  So now all I need are a couple of colorful lobster buoys to hang off the side of the table and we'll be set.

Well, not true-I still have to wrap a few vases in twine for the candles and we have to dig out the oar that we're using for our "guest book".  But THEN that section will be done.

I'm a little sad it's winding down, but that just means that we're getting closer to me getting to marry the hottest man alive.  (138 days!!!)

Seriously.  He's freakin' hot.  (He just walked into the room...time for movie night and snuggles!)  Have a great Saturday night.