Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Boat Buying

I don't really know anything about boat buying, except that we're going to be doing it in the next year. And also, I'm marrying the best person for the job.

As you may remember, B1 and I are going to be buying a bigger boat in the next year so that we can become full-time live aboards. The boat that we currently have is great for sleepovers which last no more than a day or two, but we couldn't live there full-time. At least not together-and that's, you know, sort of the plan.

B1 knows boats. He knows how to fix them, rebuild them, sail them, wash them...I on the other hand, know how to steer one, jump off one (onto the dock to tie her up) and enjoy one. I don't know which boats are best for living on, unless we're talking about how it looks. So over the last few months, B1 has been talking to me about different boats, showing me floor plans and pictures and explaining why certain boats are better than others. Best of all, he has started making appointments for me to actually SEE the boats. Before now, I've only seen boats at the boat show (a little unrealistic for us). To be able to see REAL boats that we can (potentially) afford, is great. In fact, we've narrowed it down to what type of boat we'll buy, if all the stars align. (A Catalina 35'-38')

Before my surgery, B1 took me to see two boats. The first one I couldn't actually climb into b/c of my back but the 2nd one was easier and I got to go aboard. It was very smelly and kind of unkempt because the man who owned it was an older man who was apparently quite a character. And he died of a heart attack and fell in the drink and the family just hauled it out of the water and brought it to the yacht dealer...unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the "master bedroom" because it was dark, but here are pictures of the rest, which is very close to what we're looking for:

Before I saw this boat, I was sort of worried that we'd be in trouble living on a boat-though I was still excited. But now, I'm only excited. Anything that would worry me can easily be fixed. And we'll make it our own (probably by covering the cushions with different fabric and taking the table out (and storing it until company is over) so we have a "living room".

We're less than 6 months away from the wedding...which means we're closer and closer to the actual time when B1 and I will own a boat/home together. Crazy...

Crazy cool.