Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life Update by Mags

Hello again! I don't know if I should post this, mainly because you might start getting used to it again! :)

Let me catch you up on my life, since I've been gone a while:

B1 is still the best thing that has ever happened to me. He continues to be the most wonderful, caring man I have ever met and he continues to make me smile everyday. Even on the hard days, which says a lot. We're still disgustingly in love and we still make people gag. :)

In October, B1 proposed! We were at the Magic Kingdom, my happy place, in front of Cinderella's Castle and he asked me to marry him! Before vacation I had hoped it would happen, but I wasn't getting my hopes I was THRILLED to death when he asked. I still sometimes look at him and can't believe we're going to be spend the rest of our lives together.

We're planning a September 2012 wedding in a small beach town in here in MA. Our ceremony will hopefully take place on the a small private beach which overlooks jagged rocks and a lighthouse. It's ridiculously beautiful. The reception will be down the street at a lovely restaurant with 3 of its 4 walls being glass. It overlooks the harbor and many colorful sailboats. It also has a stone fireplace.

After the wedding we are planning on living on a boat, which we will purchase hopefully soon after the season ends this summer, but if not, next season. We'll do this year round...yes, even in the winter. Yes, we realize we're a little nuts, but we're nuts together, so we're OK with it.

We've decided on what we'd like to do with the rest of our life and it involves a BIG boat which we will own. More on that in the coming years...

My back continues to be a huge problem. I tried suing our landlord for the horrible condition of the stairs only to find out that their insurance doesn't cover accidents, only fire. And that is OK because MA only requires them to have fire insurance. So I could sue them directly, but no lawyer will take the case b/c it's not a guarantee that they have money, and the lawyers don't get paid unless I win money. I've been getting cortisone injections in my back and they've been helping with the pain, but the discs have actually gotten worse over the last year. I am currently in PT again and he thinks he can help but if not, I will have to have surgery. I'm willing to be in pain from PT if it means no surgery. We'll see how that goes!

And then there's know about that from the post yesterday! It's great. :)

Friday, January 20, 2012


I'm finding that having a more public blog is fun, but also, restricting. I feel like I have to be the "good" me over there, all of the time because family and coworkers read it. And also, if people Google my name, that blog can potentially pop up...which means bosses and other people like that could read my thoughts.

I don't like that. It's why I started this blog with a pen name. (As ridiculous as it is!) It gave me the freedom to say what I wanted, when I wanted without much fear of anything really happening to me. And so I am rethinking shutting this one down. I think I'll still post over on the other blog for family and friends like I do now, especially with the wedding stuff happening. But I'm going to try to make an effort to blog more here, once more. B1 and I have a new laptop which means we're up to 2-that should help the volume a little more, since we don't have to share time anymore. So we'll see. I do miss it over here, even though I've lost 99% of my readers due to lack of posting and interacting. It's still a nice outlet and record...

So what is it that got me thinking about having a secret place to vent? It's actually good news-I'm getting a promotion. There are some changes going on in our office and my boss approached me out of the blue on Wednesday and asked me to be in charge of the other two employees and to manage how we work. This is huge for me because not only will it mean a little more money, it will mean new challenges. And also, I'll be able to fix some of the things that have been driving me crazy for the past two years. I can't say any of this over at the other blog, because one of my new employees (who is now one of my co-workers) reads what I write. And she doesn't know yet.

And just, sometimes I want to write a funny post with shit and fuck in them but I don't because our family reads the other blog...and while MY family knows that I use those words, some of B1's family doesn't. And I think it would maybe offend them (specifically one person) and I would never want to do that.

And I can't talk about my family over there. My youngest sister used to read here and will probably start reading here again, but the other family members don't know about this blog. Here, I can talk about my mother and the struggles I am having with her-even though it bothers my youngest sister a bit, it's a good outlet for me. It's a very difficult relationship and I often feel like I just need to vent.

So, to summarize: I'm going to be posting here a little more frequently. And maybe, just maybe, at some point, it'll become the blog it used to be.