Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Snowed!

Last night it snowed in our's our first big snowstorm of the year and our first snowstorm on the boat!  B1 finished making our door to the shrink wrap.  Thank God, because if we didn't have it, I think our cockpit would be filled with snow!
Our fancy door.  :)  I'm pretty sure I'm going to do something fun with it on the painting it or plastering it with pictures.  Then again...maybe not.

It was quite pretty while it was coming down.  And it was pretty cool being inside our boat while it was snowing.
The snow was sticking pretty well.  This is our neighbor's boat.

Snow on the shrink wrap.

After a little while, I went out into the cockpit and shook as much snow off of the cover as possible.  It was neat hearing the splish splash into the harbor.
...and the next morning.  This is our finger dock, which comes off of the main dock and is how we get onto our boat.  The marina snowblows the main docks but we're responsible for our finger docks.  Thank God we have that railing (we had to buy steps and a railing-they are not provided), even if it's covered in snow at the moment!  All it would take is one slip on the ice under the snow and we'd falling into the drink, as B1 says.

Quiet morning in the harbor.

This is what it looks like inside our shrinkwrap currently.  The frame is very tall so that once we clean the stuff out (Christmas tree for example) we can put some cushions out there and sit and/or entertain on the more mild evenings.  Those with larger boats have heaters out here which makes it quite usable and cozy.  Our tree looks very sparse at this angle!

It's ugly, but I kind of love it.  It's already helped cut down on the wind in the cockpit and made it warmer to sit in there.  I can't wait to see how it is on a sunny day!

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