Monday, November 05, 2012


So.  Boat living.  Someday in the not too distant future, it will be lovely.  Right now though, it's kind of hell.  And we're so tired.

The sellers left the boat in an atrocious state.  It has taken us days to empty out the crap they left on the boat, and then to scrub the mold and dirt from the walls.  They also did not empty the holding tank, so the boat reeked.  And if we had flushed one more time, we'd be overflowing in their shit.  Literally.  We still don't have running water.  And that is because when we came home from a family wedding in NY yesterday, we walked into a boat which reeked of diesel.  We have a fuel leak.

So my husband, the wonderfully patient and competent man that he is, had to pump gallons and gallons of diesel and dirty water out of the holding tanks last night, instead of cleaning the water tanks like planned.  So not only can we not shower and cook in our own home, it smells like diesel.

These people are really making me angry.  I feel like they duped us.  Like they are laughing at us at the fact that they got away with all of this.  We had a survey and the question needs to be asked why the surveyor didn't see this leak.  But I wonder more how people like the sellers can live with themselves.  I'd be mortified if someone found out I was so filthy and deceitful.  It's really sad.

The only real saving grace so far is that our neighbors are so welcoming and kind.  It makes me happy to know that once we get to know them better, they are likely to become good friends.  And even if they do not, they are there for us if we really need them.  And I know that when everything is put away and the smell subsides, and we can shower in our own place, it will be lovely.  But right now, it's just hard. 

We're adventurous, but we didn't expect to have to be dealing with the old owners' stuff.


ClancyPants said...

Reading this just pisses me off. I don't have to live in it, but I deal with the same kind of crap ALL THE TIME with tenants. It makes me crazy that people can be so inconsiderate and thoughtless. I'm so sorry that you're having to deal with this. :(

Travis Cody said...

Sounds to me like you may have an action against the surveyor. I hope you are taking lots of photographs and keeping every receipt.

LceeL said...

I agree - there should be an action against the surveyor - or maybe even against the previous owners. There must be some sort of statement of condition - and, obviously, that statement is false and in error.

Which really pisses me off.

kat said...

Oh no. That sucks. How terrible of them to leave you with such a mess. That would have totally pissed me off too. Hope you guys are getting this cleaned up soon. At least you can live knowing that karma is going to bite the sellers is in the a$$ and when it does... you'll be the ones laughing :)