Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I've Learned

The other day I posted on Facebook that contrary to what I think is popular belief, living on a boat is not for the lazy. And I followed it up by saying it's also not for people who want to relax after work. This shit is hard work!  Nothing is easy and everything takes at least twice as long to do.  For instance, this is how we store our clothing and dirty laundry:

These are large plastic bins (they go 2 deep, back) which we slide in out out of the space whenever we need clothing.  Which, you know, is everyday.  We are sitting on a sofa like bench (without cushions) which are to the left of the picture.  It's like a huge shell game, only with big heavy bins.  When you're in a hurry, it can be quite frustrating, which is why we mostly chose our clothes the night before work.

Tonight when I came home from work, I had an epiphany.  When we first moved in, I categorized all of my bins in what I thought would be the most organized, efficient way.  However, when I was putting away my sweater in one bin, my dress in another and my blouse in yet another bin, I realized how dumb I am.  This weekend I am totally lumping all of my work clothes into one bin, casual clothes in another and everything else in the 3rd.  (PJ's, workout close, dirty work clothes-which is not lingerie...that goes in an a drawer. ;) My sweaters will still have to be in their own bin, I'm thinking of placing my most worn sweaters into the work bin so I only have to pull the sweater in out on weekends.  Oh, and I have one whole bin for shoes.  But I'm finding that because they are in the back (way back) I'm only wearing a few pair during the week.  And that's because I have less clothing now that we live here too.

So, anyway, I'm going to fix my bin and make my life easier.

*This morning I learned that you can't easily have an impromptu wardrobe change.  In fact, it'll throw your whole morning off, especially when you're taking public transportation to work that day...said the girl who had to walk 25 minutes to work (up a huge hill-really) because she missed one bus and the next one wasn't until 50 minutes later.

Another thing we learned last night is that filling our water tanks in the winter is NOT easy.  And actually, could be dangerous.  The marina has something called "winter water" when it gets cold.  Which essentially means they shut off our individual spigots near our slips and instead hooks up an insulated communal hose which they tie to a long rope and submerge under water.  And if you want to use it to fill up your holding tanks you have to pull up the scuzzy wet rope and cleat it off so you can connect it to your hose.  And, you know, it's cold in New England.  So a submerged wet hose on your fingers is quite cold.  And also, it sprays a little bit.  And sometimes, it sprays a lot.  And therefore, it instantly makes the dock a slippery mess. And the docks are wide, but not that wide, so there's a chance you could slip, fall into the water and die.  Or just get very, very cold.  And maybe lose a limb.

Obviously I am being a little dramatic.  But not really.  If you were to fall into the water and you were alone, it could be very problematic. 

We live on the edge.  We're bad ass.

Other random items:

*When your head is full, you can't pee on board.  Which is very inconvenient and allows for a little...creativity.
*You can't hide any beauty regimens from your husband anymore.  They're all right out in the open.
*You also can't hide the sounds your body makes in any given situation.  It's just that we share the same exact space, even if we're in a different room.
*You have to get along with your partner very well before you even consider moving onto a boat.  Because if you hate each other, even just a little bit, it will never work.

All this said, it's still pretty fun most of the time.  We're very much looking forward to having most of our projects done soon so that we can maybe relax for a few days before something else happens.

Tonight though, we're doing something FUN.  Since we're within walking distance of the Common, we're walking over to see the official tree lighting ceremony.  It'll be cold, but deliciously fun.

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