Friday, June 08, 2012

Trial by Makeup

Tonight after work I have my bridal makeup trial run! Yay!!!! I'm extra pumped about it because one of B1's cousins is a professional makeup artist and she's doing my makeup for me for FREE.  IN the hotel room!  So, yeah, I'm going to feel like a rock star. :)

This morning after my shower I thought about taking a picture of my face without makeup but then thought better of it.  I'm not hideous without it, but I just feel better when I do have something on.  And so, I took a "before" picture during lunch today.  So this is with makeup but after it's worn off a little throughout the day.

Not bad.  (Though I have a weird smile...I guess it's because I took it myself.)  But just wait until you see the "after".  I'll post that either later tonight or tomorrow.  Happy Friday everyone!!  And, the after:


Coral Lips (Rubbed off after drinks in picture above)
 What do you think?



Ivanhoe said...

It is quite different! Amazing how much can make up change you :) I actually like your skin little bit darker (as in pic 1), but the eye make up (in pic 2) is very cool.

ClancyPants said...

Love! I think you're beautiful either way, but I love the softness of the pro job. It's so understated and emphasizes you're best features. You are so pretty! Lucky guy, that B1.

Mags said...

Ivana- I am asking her to add more to my cheeks. Not much, just a little more.