Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Showered with Love

I finished them!  All of my small knots are tied.  I say small, because I have to tie 12 medium sized monkey fists.  These will take a little longer.  Even with directions, I tend to get caught up in these and have to start over a few times.  These are for our centerpieces.

Our wedding's gonna be kind of cool, huh? :)

Today I'm wrestling with not feeling too good, gloomy weather, and an annoying person who is back in the office after a few days out.  I want to leave early, and I could because my boss is out, but as the office supervisor now, I feel as I need to be a role model and stick it out if I can.  Plus, you know...I was out for 3 weeks on medical leave in March.  I don't want to push it.

Next weekend is our shower.  B1 is going to be there, which I'm thrilled about.  Not only is it funner to have someone to drive home to CT with (and he drives home, so I can be sleepy!), but it doesn't make sense to me why the boys are excluded in the first place.  I mean, both of us like family and friends, food and frolic, so why not include the REASON I'm getting married too?  Right?  Right.

So it's next weekend.  I bought a pretty dress and a pair of pretty sandals and am looking forward to feeling pretty.  The thing is, not a lot of people have RSVP'd for the event.  They have until Saturday to do so, but I feel like most of our MA family and friends haven't said they are coming.  Or not coming.  And it's frustrating.  Why wouldn't they just email my sister when they know?

It's just rude, in my opinion.

I know, I know, they have until Saturday.  But honestly, I feel like 95% of those people know whether they are coming or not.  And it's common courtesy to tell the people who invited you so they can start planning.  Right?  Right.  I guess I'm just disappointed that these people might not come.  And it makes me happy that our wedding is here in MA and not in CT (which, incidentally, is half way for BOTH of our families) because it appears like some people don't like to drive 2 hours.

And also, we didn't invite a lot of friends, because we aren't inviting them to the wedding because we have huge families.  And it would be tacky to invite them to the shower and not the wedding.  But now, I almost wish we did...

Oh well.  Either way, we're going to enjoy our day. Together.  Which is the most important part of all of this.

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Travis Cody said...

You're last statement says it all...your day together.