Monday, June 04, 2012


Things are back to normal.  Thank. God.  I can't stand not being on the same page as my B1.  It's heartbreaking...

Has the weather been crappy where you are too?  Here in Boston, it's been cold and rainy for quite some time now, making it sort of impossible for us to sail.  Though the boat's been in the water now for about two weeks, we have yet to actually get out into the harbor.  It's been nice to hang out and sleep on the boat, but we'd really love to be out there, racing along the the others, exploring new places.  Cross your fingers that this weekend will be nice for us.

I have one month and one week to finish the invitations and then we have to send them.  I'm almost there-all of the ribbon is wrapped around the pockets and the little double square closures are also done and attached.  I finished those last night while we were watching TV.  Today during my lunch break I worked on the knot closures which will be the finishing touch which secures everything in place.

I have to admit that I felt a little creepy pulling this big wad of twine out of my bag today.  It felt like I was either collecting hair or making some sort of voodoo doll.

Twine.  Lots and lots of twine...

 I managed to tie 26 knots in all during the one hour break I had.  Of course this included fiddling with the computer so I could play some tunes and answering a few text messages about flower girl shoes.  But I feel good about the fact that I'm on my way to being done with these.  I think after the gym tonight, this will be my project.  I have 75 to make.  If I didn't tell you before, this is the knot we are tying during the ceremony in place of lighting a unity candle.  Since we're sailors, we thought it only fitting.

Carrick Bend Knot
Perhaps by the end of the week the invitations might actually all be assembled!  I have a friend coming over on Wednesday to help me cut the inserts and the actual invitation which I'll then glue into the pockets.  It's been quite the process making these invites, but as they come together, I get happier and happier that I decided to make them, instead of simply buying generic invites like so many other people do.

102 days.  That's not a lot of time before we tie the knot.

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