Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When asked to go get the cold cuts from the deli counter, B1 knows to order baked ham, not boiled ham.  "Life's too short to eat boiled ham." he said.

It's the little things...

This weekend we passed by a carnival while on our way home.  The following night, we were stuck to the side of a spinning wall while the floor dropped out from under us.  Afterward, we shared a fried dough.  B1 one smiled at me and laughed as he brushed the powdered sugar off of my nose for me.

It's been pretty yucky here lately.  The weather has been gray and rainy and the temperature hasn't been very warm at all.  Today though, the sun came out.

I had a hot dog with sauerkraut for lunch at the president's picnic at work.  I ate my first slice of watermelon of the season.

On my real break, I went to the opening day of my city's farmers market.  I bought these beauties:

...along with a small basil plant, a small rosemary plant and a huge bunch of kale.  I can't wait to make kale chips later.

Before I went back to work, I swung by our marina.  There was a chance that the boat was going to be dropped into the water yesterday, but we didn't know for sure because we are waiting on one piece of paperwork.

See that crane below?  That's where our boat spent the winter...and it's now in the water!!

 This will be our last season with this boat.  B1's planning on putting it up for sale at the end of the summer so that we can move forward with buying our new boat/home after the wedding in September.  I'm so excited that we'll get to spend Memorial Day floating on the boat.  Even if we don't sail on Monday, we'll be there.

Even just sitting on the boat is wonderful.  Especially when I look to my right and see B1's beautiful face.

When I came home, I decided that I couldn't let those wonderful eggs just sit in the fridge getting  day older.  I decided to make an omelet for dinner.  I added fresh asparagus, cherry tomatoes, baked ham slices and feta.  Then I finished it with the fresh chopped basil.

Holy cow.  Delicious.  I didn't want it to end...

Tracking back to last week, I had dinner with a friend on Friday.  We went out to a little local Mexican joint and shared a pitcher of margaritas and lots of laughs.  The service was horrendous which added to the hilarity.  After dinner, we walked across the street to a bakery for dessert.  

I'm more of a cheese girl than a chocolate girl, but there's just something about pastries in a bakery that calls my name.  They're all so pretty and lined up so nicely.  I brought B1 home a lobster tail and I got myself a coconut macaroon topped with chocolate and a soft amaretti cookie.  That cookie was out of this world!  I haven't had one in a long time and it was well worth the calories.  I could have eating 100.

So there you have life isn't all wedding related.  Though-the reason I'm so happy is generally because of the man I'm lucky enough to be marrying...but it's not all wedding.  :)


Travis Cody said...

I think it's so exciting that you have decided to live on a boat. I've always thought it would be neat to live on one of those houseboats here in know the ones like in Sleepless in Seattle?

Mags said...

I do! We looked at an actual floating house a few months ago but it was in really bad shape. And by that time, we'd already really decided we went an actual sailboat. Cross your fingers for us that we can find the one! :)