Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Food, Glorious Food!

We got our first wedding gift in the mail yesterday!  It was the small crockpot that we have on our that we can cook when we live on the boat.  Our shower is one month away, so I assume people will start to buy us things and those who can't make it to the shower will send them our way.  So exciting.  I love presents, yes, but it's more of the fact that it's getting closer, and other people are starting to react.

Very exciting, indeed.

And today my sister bought earrings to wear to my wedding.  Again, it just means that our wedding is starting to be on the minds of the people we know, not just ours.  Which means we're close. :)

Last week we had our menu tasting at the restaurant.  The food was delicious and I could not be happier.  Originally the menu kind of made me a little sad.  We initially chose a buffet dinner because it was what we could afford.  But it was...odd.  It had wonderful elements like a chowder bar (so cool!) and prime rib (standard) but the other main dish was a carving station with turkey.  Turkey!  Who does that?  I mean, maybe if we met on Thanksgiving, I could see it...but we didn't, and it was making me sad that we'd have to serve turkey at our wedding as the 2nd entree.

I looked at their menu again and noticed that there was a chicken dish which sounded tasty, so I asked if we could substitute that instead.  Of course, the answer was yes, but for an extra $12 per person.  Yikes!  So I was back to sad.*  Until...

I did some math.  Well, I made a spreadsheet.  And I realized that with their new pricing we could afford to have a plated dinner!  The only downside is that we won't be offering a beef dish, which people really like at weddings.  (Which is a shame, because their filet was out of this world!)  We'll still get to serve chowder (which was amazing) and people can either choose that or a fresh tomato/mozzarella salad with basil oil and balsamic drizzle (also yummy!).  The main dishes are sausage and apple stuffed chicken (which was the chicken dish I wanted to replace the turkey) and a grilled salmon filet with a ginger and citrus buerre blanc.  The sides are roasted garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.  We'll have a silent vegetarian option, also.

For the passed hor doeurves we chose mini crab cakes, roasted sirloin medallions on blue cheese crostini (can't wait for that one!), warm artichoke fritters with aoili and sea scallops wrapped in bacon.  We also get a stationary cheese display and a Mediterranean buffet.  It's going to be SO good.

My father is helping us pay for most of the reception, but if everyone we invited comes, B1 and I will end up paying for 20 of them.  Which we're prepared to do, but it would be better if those 20 didn't come, simply because we're paying for everything else for the wedding ourselves.  SO, I figured out that 93 is our golden number.  That's the total number of people who can attend before we start paying for the overage.  Sounds mean that I figured this out, but 20 people adds up.

If less than 90 people come, we can start thinking about adding in some extras, like perhaps adding lamb lollipops to the passed apps or adding in a late night snack of mini cheeseburgers and fries, mini sausage and pepper sandwiches or milk and cookies....I like that idea better.  I think we'd choose the cheeseburgers and fries, but who knows.  Oh!  Rootbeer floats is an option too-how fun!

So many moving parts!  I am very grateful it's all coming together and that we're getting the things we want.  It'll be an awesome day no matter what, but having it go our way obviously makes it better.

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Travis Cody said...

The food sure sounds amazing. It's good to "hear" your excitement.